“Brave tales”: little Leon Busha and his family voiced the new story of the project

Leon Bushа

A three-year-old boy  Leon Bushа  — the people’s favorite, known for his vivid performance of Ukrainian songs, his older brother  Alvin  and dad  Oleksandr  announced the second story of the Suspilny project  “Brave tales”

“This is a completely new and very interesting experience. Everything went well. Pleasant excitement did not leave all of us until the very end of the recording, and then the anticipation of the premiere — incomparable impressions! Leo and his brother Alvin are delighted with the whole process. When they learned that the fairy tale would be voiced, they rejoiced and jumped, realizing that their voices would become part of something magical and magical. Joining the project did not cause any doubts, because it is a matter that will help people in these, to put it mildly, difficult times. If the work we do supports at least one person who needs it, it’s already a success!”, — says Oleksandr Busha

The boy Leon from Irpen conquered Ukrainians by performing songs such as “Oh, there’s a red viburnum in the meadow”  or “Not Your War”  of the band “Ocean Elsa”. At the beginning of a full-scale war, the family was forced to leave their home in their hometown due to explosions and move to a safer region of Ukraine. Currently, brothers Leo and Alvin support Ukrainian families with songs, and their father Oleksandr with sincere conversations and videos that he publishes on social networks.

“‘We survived March on Leo’s songs,'” I once heard in passing, and realized how important singing, drawings, impressions of our children are for all of us in these difficult times.  The participation of the Busha family in this project is not accidental. The positive emotions they give in their social networks, the warmth with which they communicate with their subscribers, cannot help but captivate. This is a bedtime story, simple and sincere. Explain that the siren warns of danger in fantastic language, that there are weapons against winged monsters, and that adults will always protect children. And the children, in turn, receive a warning that they need to hide the toys, because the emotional connection with their favorite toy is very important. Like the rest of the fairy tales, “The City of Sirens” is checked for non-traumatic quality by a child psychologist. I’m glad that the boys and dad were able to take part in the project, and mom was always in touch.”, — shared her thoughts on recording the second fairy tale Victoria Murovana, general producer of digital platforms of Sospilny. 

Fairy tales of the new time are therapeutic stories of the common experience of Ukrainian families, which will truthfully but delicately explain to children new realities that are thoroughly present in interesting stories with happy endings. Concepts of 12 themes that formed the basis of fairy tales: separation, support, kindness, friendship, solidarity, loss, belief in joint victory and others. They were worked on non-traumatic with the author of the texts Iryna Vygovska, psychologist Marianna Novakovskaya and sociologist Victoria Brindza. Illustrations Georgy Sagitov  give space for the imagination of everyone who listens to fairy tales, associativeness allows you to imagine and fantasize. 

Turn on “Brave Tales” for children in shelters, on a long drive, in an evacuation or at home during curfew. And also use as a means of distracting children from alarms caused by shelling and sirens. Download to phones and tablets and listen together when the network disappears, on Telegram channels  Social Tales and YouTube channel  “Brobaks”, as well as on platforms for podcasts ( SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSoundCloud.

Photo: Instagram bushasasha

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