The presenters of 1+1 have created a fashionable clothing brand

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The presenters of the 1+1 TV channel Valentina Hamaiko and Volodymyr Rabchun , as well as stylist Tanya Bohynych , created a fashionable clothing brand called TAIYŌ , which means sun in Japanese. The goal is to support the economy of Ukraine and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The main mission of the brand is high-quality and comfortable clothes for free and active people, the return of business to Ukraine, an increase in the number of jobs and new reasons for pride in our native country.

“You can survive this difficult period only by supporting each other,” says Valentyna Hamaiko . – This principle is an integral part of the TAIYŌ brand.”

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Volodymyr Rabchun, Tanya Bohynych, Valentina Hamaiko

“I wanted to be useful, help, pay taxes during the war. As a stylist, I had a desire to work specifically with clothes. I was very happy when Valya and Vova supported me in this,” said Bohynych.

“Tanya’s inspiration was passed on to Vala and me. Everything was interesting – from creativity to charity, ” Rabchun added.

The brand was launched within three months. According to Khamayko, no one knew what would come of it, there was no money. The stars just wanted to support each other.

“It was such an inspiring moment. Our thoughts were now focused on the brand and work, and depressing news took a back seat,” Hamaiko admitted .

Now the brand is releasing exclusive collections in limited quantities, i.e. drops. There is both a women’s and a men’s line. The first collection consists of sports suits.

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Inna Miroshnychenko at TAIYO

“We are moving with small but sure steps, like Ukraine, towards victory, ” Hamaiko stressed.

At the same time, orders are already coming in from different parts of the world.

“Poland, Germany, Canada, Israel, Austria, USA, Georgia, Netherlands. TAIYO is already worn there. We will donate part of our earnings to charity every month. Now we are helping “Voice of the Country” together with “Povarnys zhivym” and to raise the necessary sum of three million hryvnias for the funds of air reconnaissance for the Armed Forces. Join us too,” said Rabchun .

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Timur Miroshnychenko at TAIYO

And if it is an order within Kyiv, then the founders themselves – Valya, Tanya and Vova – personally deliver them to their customers, whom they value very much.

Photo: 1+1 press service

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