Places of strength: Marichka Padalko, Ruslan Senichkin, Lyudmila Barbir about the most secret places in Ukraine

Lyudmila Barbir

Ukrainians have been courageously resisting for seven months Russian military invasion to protect his native land. According to the survey of the “Rating” group, more than 60% of Ukrainians feel that their mental health has deteriorated due to the war. Physical health has deteriorated in 53% of Ukrainians. So how to restore your resource is now an urgent need. Ukraine is full of sacred places. Hosts 1+1 Ruslan Senichkin , Lyudmila Barbir , Valentina Hamaiko , Yehor Gordeev, Marichka Padalko, Svyatoslav Grynchuk , Nelya Shovkoplyas talk about their favorite places, where they get strength and energy.

Ruslan Senichkin

For me, Ukraine itself is a place of strength. Especially now, when we are united by a common tragedy – the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. Despite the fact that Ukrainians are being killed, tryare trying to erase ours identity – we become stronger every day. Every day we become more aware of who we are, why Ukraine was, is and will be and where our roots come from. Russia has been trying to erase Ukrainian identity for centuries. But it didn’t work out for her then, and it won’t work out now.

And as for the place in Ukraine where I feel comfortable, calm, where I gain strength, then, for example, if they give me 5 days of vacation now, and they say, choose, then I will choose Ukrainethe Carpathians. I love all of Ukraine, he visited all corners of it – Slobozhanshchyna, Poltavashchyna, I adore Cherkaschyna, especially Trypillya, Shevchenkivsky regions all the way to Kanev. I have a special route there – I go and enjoy that energy. There are many roads to Kaniv, but for me, Kaniv through Tripillia is a special road. The place of strength is just melting. I can allow you to go there and back in a day. And if we are talking about a few days of rebooting, then this is the Carpathians! Yaremche, Mykulynychyn , Vorokhta, Yablunytsia , Kryvorivnya , Vyzhnytsia are already closer to the regions where Lyuda Barbier was born. This is just a sacred route for me. Although I got to Rakhov, drove along the Romanian border, then to Myzhhirya , to Synevir – there is a completely different energy of the Ukrainian Carpathians.  

Places of strength: Ruslan Senichkin

Lyudmila Barbir

Any point in Ukraine could be my place of strength, but the most secret place for me is the place of my grandmother Marichka – these are the mountains in Vyzhenka ( Vyzhenka and mountains around). I used to run through these forests when I was a child, collecting mushrooms there, and now I like to go there for mushrooms when I come. There I recover, there I feel a special connection with nature. This is the most powerful place of strength for me in the Carpathians. 

Valentina Khamayko

For me, the place of strength is the Carpathians. The whole family climbed Hoverla when Andriyka was still gone year Since then, we have not been able to repeat this hike all together. The man and his eldest daughter Solomiya walked again. But, probably, there will not be another rise this year. In the place where you start the climb and see these huge tree roots – they are very symbolic for me. It’s so quiet and beautiful there. You see how mighty trees grow from that big powerful root and all this is woven into a big strong mountain. This can be compared with a family: the strength of your family depends on how stable you will be. These mountains are special for me. But the war interrupted all plans for rest – now is not the time. The children asked when we would go again, but definitely not this year.

Valya Khamayko

Marichka Padalko

For me, Kyiv is an important place of strength. I felt it for the first time when, at the age of 19, I left home for a long time to study in the USA. Going to Ukraine for a year in the 90s is not the same as going now. It was a completely different world, which was very different from ours back then. Despite the strong difference in lifestyle and development between the then Ukraine and the United States, for the first six months I enjoyed new opportunities, and for the next six months I counted the days until I would return home. I was happy for my return the whole next year. Every day I woke up and thought “God, it’s great that I’m back.”

And something similar happened now, when children had to be taken out in February, leave the city for a certain time and then return them home. More than ever this year, the realization that your native land, your native home, your native apartment, your native bed – it in itself gives you strength that cannot be measured by anything. 

Marichka Padalko

Svyatoslav Grynchuk

Remembering places of power, the first thing that comes to mind is the Kaiser. Lviv residents will immediately understand, but non-Lviv residents probably need to be explained. Kaiser is short for Kaiserwald. A huge forest park massif in Lviv. Its “feature” is that it is quite large at the same time, not too crowded, like some remote suburban green location, and at the same time – not far from the center. Conditionally, you can meet with friends in the center, and if you are in the mood – in 20 minutes you can be in relatively “wild” nature. Or, on the contrary, meet to relax in nature, but if you feel like it, then go down to the city to go to a coffee shop or something.

There are many cool and picturesque places in various nooks and crannies of Kaiser. As well-known and popular, for example, the mountain High Castle or Skansen “Shevchenko Grove” is less trampled by tourists: Lysa Gora, ponds, gazebos, hills, a ski slope, which I’m not sure if it still functions for this purpose, there is even a rather old church on the outskirts. I have there more than two dozen “points” with very pleasant and funny memories from my school or student days. And when you sit down before dark, you can watch the lights of the city below in the distance. When I return to Lviv, we go there regularly with friends. It’s like a small oasis outside of time and civilization right in the middle of the 21st century city. I really like such contrasts.

Places of strength: Svyatoslav Grynchuk

Yehor Gordeev

Kyiv itself is a place of strength for me, because I was born here, and many memories are associated with it. It’s not even a city people, but space. All cities change – some come, some leave, but even if there is a big change of people in Kyiv, the same atmosphere will still remain. This is a unique story for cities. Because Berlin, Paris, London are all cities of people. And in Kyiv, some energy comes from the ground. I have a lot of such places where you can walk, think, dream – I have several cool spots in Podil. I really love the place where I live now. He lived there once as a child and now he has returned there again. At the crossroads of everything – you look at the city from the window of your house and simply recharge. 

I discovered Transcarpathia for myself – it is a completely unknown region and I call it Ukrainian Umbria. Because a lot of things coincide there – both in terms of mentality, and in terms of landscapes, and in terms of the richness of the land. There are a lot of such places, for example, Black Mountain is a former volcano. You just come, see that the earth is warm even in winter and recharge from it. This is something incredible!

And another place of strength, where my dacha is, is the Vyshgorod district. This is my childhood, I know every pebble there, every tree, how it grew from the sand before your eyes.

Places of strength: Yehor Gordeev

Nelya Shovkoplyas

My place of strength is Kharkiv Region, my native Barvinkovo. It’s nice and calm at home. Garden, meadows, river. I get high when I go out into the meadows, where big poplars and willows grow on both sides. You lie down in the grass, look at the sky, which is endless, and watch how the poplars are rustling, you breathe deeply, you recover, you are satisfied, you gain strength.

This year, she found another place of strength for herself – she fell in love with the west of Ukraine just as much and discovered it in a new way. I have always associated this region with the Carpathians, and this spring I discovered Lviv Oblast. To the town Cherlians, in which my children and I lived during the evacuation, I simply fell in love. It is very cozy and beautiful there. There are places to which you are attached, or where you were born geographically – you are fine there, because your family is there. But now I feel good where there are cool people and where I am filled internally.

Places of strength: Nelya Shovkoplyas


Photo: 1+1 press service 

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