Alexander Voloshin: “I am not afraid to speak out on topics that others will not touch.

Alexander Voloshin: I am not afraid to speak out on topics that others will not touch. - 1 - изображение

An exclusive interview for Woman Magazine was given by the popular blogger, businessman  and aspiring singer Alexander Voloshin. Alexander talked about the development of his blog, his Closed Club and the beginning of his music career, as well as sharing his plans and dreams.

Alexander, how did you come up with the idea of creating a blog, did you think it would become so popular?

I’m always confident in what I’m doing, I always know what I’m doing. So I knew when I started the blog that I would be able to grow it to at least a million subscribers. But a million is not the limit, it’s just the beginning. The idea came very simply. I’ve been in the commodity business since I was 17, and after about three years I started blogging about it.

Told me how I make my money on it, what’s going on from the inside: about employees, dispatches, the office. People were often interested in this direction, so I gave free and later paid recommendations on activities in this direction. I had my own educational programs, lots of students. But I realized that I wasn’t really interested. I wanted the attention of the broader masses, and this is a fairly narrow audience. And looking at Litvin (I was inspired by him when I started the blog), I started with prank videos, and then gradually began to move into social, entertaining, Lifestyle videos. Right now my main content consists of entertainment and lifestyle videos and Tik Tok (I have 1.3 million subscribers there).

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What is the main difference between your blog and others?

I could say, like everyone else, that the main difference is that I am sincere, honest, real, but that would hardly sound convincing (smiles). I would say that the main difference is that I’m not afraid to speak out on topics that others won’t touch, I’m not afraid to respond and touch on topics of hate. On a daily basis, I post the haters’ comments in the storis (there are quite a few) and actively respond to what they write.

The main thing is that I try not just to show my life, but I try to do it in a story-driven and interesting way, so that it’s interesting to watch, so that subscribers can give their opinions. I happen to not care about other people’s opinions though, people like to be listened to and sometimes it’s really interesting to read what they think, how they think. And plus – I think I have one of the most interesting blogs in Ukraine. Especially if you take men by the content in the feed and storis.

If it’s no secret, have you ever invested in a blog? And, in your opinion, is it possible to “promote” a blog without finance?

Of course, it’s no secret! I did, in fact – the whole blog is built on the fact that I invested in it. The blog is my face, my project. Like a business and any brand, it required an investment. Instagram was built entirely from the investment I made in my business. I spend $1,500-$2,000 a month, since everything I earn I put back into myself.

I’m probably more of a businessman than a blogger, so I try to invest everything in development. Tic Toc was promoted without investment, and Instagram is now almost impossible to make popular without investment.

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Your blog has collaborations with many popular artists. Who is your most memorable collaboration, and with whom would you like to create a collaboration?

Thanks to the blog on Instagram and Tik Tok, I got to know a lot of guys. I myself am working on becoming an artist, and I believe that in our world there should be no division into categories: businessman, blogger, artist. Yes, you put yourself in the category above, but it still shouldn’t be. Everybody can do whatever they want. And I want to do what I currently like and enjoy.

My dream is to assemble the Olimpiysky. I am no longer driven by money, cars, apartments. Yes, I’m constantly working on active and passive income, but the main dream is to gather a stadium, so my tracks will sing in unison. My fourth track is about to be released. I’m insanely happy that the blog gives you the opportunity to collaborate with artists. In the future, I want to do joint fites. Currently in negotiations with a famous artist. The stars are currently interested in the blogger audience.

Have you already felt the popularity? Often recognized on the streets, how do you feel about it?

I recently vacationed in Egypt and was a little shocked – 40 times came up to take pictures. And in Kiev, they regularly approach 2-4 times a day. After all, when you are recognized and a person has seen you somewhere in Tic Toc or Insta – the person focuses on you. I get 15-20 looks like that a day, and that’s cool! That’s what I was going for, and that’s what I’m proud of!

In the future, I don’t think it will be such an accomplishment for me. While I really like everything that happens to me, my little dream of becoming popular came true. Since I didn’t get enough attention as a child, neither from my father nor from my friends, and now I’m making up for it.

Can you tell us more about your Closed Club?

The club is a space for young girls and guys (mostly those who don’t work now, but want to make money). We created a platform where speakers – entrepreneurs, businessmen who have already done business – share their experiences, talk about their cases, how to make money from their business just like them. In the same space there are private chats. In them, people communicate, create new projects, find partners. We meet regularly, I’m present at these meetings, I talk to the guys. Due to such networking and abundance of information, people get to the next level and earn good money. That’s the value of the club. Admission to the club is not free.

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Alexander, your track “On the Blue Horn” came out not so long ago. How do you plan to develop musically? What are your aspirations?

Yeah, he came in pretty good overall. I don’t understand how to develop musically yet. Studying this topic, trying it out, doing it. My strategy is this – it’s better to try, to get the hang of it. I’m trying to promote myself through Tik Tok – not much result so far, but I’m sure I’ll have my own fan base musically, there will be concerts and corporate events.

I just started – I’ve been doing this for less than a year, and I’m sure it’s harder than blogging and classic business. I’m ready to work: I’m looking for my image and my style in music. Trying, feeling, doing.

Do you want to try your hand at some other new roles?

As I said before, I dream of gathering the Olimpiyskiy, I want to be the most recognizable person in the CIS. I’m actively working on it. Why the most recognizable? It’s not just a lust for popularity, it’s also a business. We all understand that making money from a personal brand is much more enjoyable than from a business. Since any business can close, it can be taken away, but this will not happen to the person. I realized this in my fourth year in business.

How do you like to rest? What is the best way for you to relax?

I like to spend time with my close friends, parents, partners,  I like to travel, I like extreme sports: I am afraid, but I always dare. I like outdoor activities and an active lifestyle in general.

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As for your character traits – what helps in life, and would you like to get rid of some of them?

I wouldn’t want to get rid of anything, because I believe that all qualities are given to us as they should be. If God so decides, there is no reason to get rid of anything. My main qualities that always drive me are ambition and determination. I can not sit still, do not develop, which is why I get to move forward quickly (relatively quickly, I guess).

From the blog, it seems that you always have a great mood. Do you often mope around in real̆ life? What can easily upset you, how do you deal with it?

Of course, often, because I have a creative profession. A trivial example: you can make interesting content for a story, you are watched consistently by 120-130 thousand people. But very often due to failures in Instagram, it happens that you make great content, but 70-80 thousand people watch it. It turns out that the coverage drops by half. I talk to many bloggers, they have the same situation. But it affects the mood very much. You start to think that you’re not interesting, you don’t make interesting content, you lose your inspiration, and it throws you off your game. It’s the same with Tic Toc.

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And, to conclude our conversation, a little blitz questioning:

What was your most extreme action?

So far, it’s probably a jump off a bridge in Kiev. Didn’t do anything else like that. For me, the extreme is to ride the biggest roller coaster or a ride in Odessa on an attraction.

The last movie that impressed?

There are many ways to impress: to inspire as well as to bewilder. Recently watched the last Astral  (part eight, I think), and I was impressed with how bad this movie is.

Favorite dish?

Very untypical, I guess. This popcorn is super cheesy and super caramel. It must necessarily be mixed.

Three items that should definitely be in your piggy bank of accomplishments by the end of 2021?

I can’t voice the actual points, as it’s not my audience, but the general public. But I can highlight:

1.Recruit 5 million on Instagram.

2. Dial 5 million in Tic Tacs

3. and for my track to be #1 on all the charts.

Author: Tatyana Zaitseva

Photo: personal archive of the hero

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