Sabina Musina spoke about her divorce from Andrei Trushkovsky

Sabina Musina spoke about her divorce from Andrei Trushkovsky - 1 - изображение

The businesswoman and blogger admitted in social networks that she divorced her husband, and shared her emotions with her subscribers.

“I’m divorced. Of course, I have something to say, and I prepared my word a long time ago, I just had to wait a month, and I respect all these world practices of reconciliation. Ready to accept only congratulations, “- wrote Sabina.

Famous bloggers Sabina Musina and Andrei Trushkovsky played a wedding in February 2020.

“How do I feel? – you must be wondering. I feel that I am proud of myself and respect my choices, accepting different things about myself: both the bad and the good,” Sabina frankly admitted on her Instagram page. – I forgive myself because I am entitled to my personal mistakes. I feel especially calm in my head and so light in my heart. I feel myself, and I can allow myself, oh mommy, how I’ve been going to this for a long time, not to have to prove anything to anyone. I feel like the luckiest girl, because I have so much to be thankful for. For every attempt, every success and every failure. I feel that you will treat my personal life with as much respect as I have for you with this conversation, and I won’t see sad comments and crying emoticons. I feel like no one will ever take away my faith in people and love. I feel like everything is in my hands and even me.”

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Author: Maria Melnik

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