Kirill Skachkov: “Be yourself, do not copy anyone, and sooner or later it will shoot.

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His blog might feature a report from the shower or just from the dinner table.  And hundreds of thousands of Kirill Skachkov’s peeps love it. How the famous Influencer wins the hearts of his followers, and who lives in his own, Kirill told Woman personally. Read about internet fame, hate and creativity in our interview.

Kirill, what do you think  about what’s happening in the country: for people, is the quarantine a crisis or a new opportunity?

Those who have the opportunity to earn extra money now, I think, are much less than those who are in crisis. So I think that when we get out of the coronavirus situation, we will enter a deep economic crisis. So, everyone will be on the losing end.

In storis you often watch cartoons. What is the source of this good old-fashioned content for you?

Cartoons help to unload. It’s not that I watch them directly, I like them to play in the background or  I like to fall asleep to them. It doesn’t overwhelm my already overloaded brain. Cartoons are relaxing, it’s wonderful(smiles).

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What inspires you to generate ideas for your blog from home?

My psychological peculiarities help me, so to speak(laughs). It’s all in my head, the way I did it is the way I do it, even under quarantine conditions. It’s just that the topic of coronavirus keeps coming up now.

You often show your subscribers your life as it is: you can take pictures right in the bathtub or in bed. How do your followers react?

They react in different ways. Predominantly good, of course. But in principle, what can you react badly to? That I’m in the bathroom? Those who have been subscribed to me for a long time are not surprised. But the newcomers are sometimes indignant.

You mention your mom very reverently on the blog. What role does she play in your life now?

Mom has always played and still plays the role of the main person in my life. She was always a friend, a warrior. She’s on fire! I’m glad I don’t have to say it just for the sake of being nice. I’m glad my mom is such a linchpin in the family and in my life. I love, adore and respect Mommy!

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Will we ever see your big creative collab with your mom on the blog?

She already appears in my storis and posts. And thanks to her for her openness and loyalty to what I show on my blog. Well, to be honest, we haven’t thought about much more than that yet.

Which bloggers do you like working with the most?

No one yet. Because I really haven’t worked with any of the bloggers together yet. That’s all(smiles).

Alexei Durnev often mentions you in his videos. What is your relationship to him?

Well, with Lyosha Durnev, in fact, in no relationship at all. We saw each other only once, on the set of a movie in which Lyosha was starring. But I respect Lyosha and send him my best regards.

How do you feel about hate?

No way, it makes no difference to me. I never really cared about other people’s opinions, which is rather fortunate. Hate on the Internet is usually unabashed boorishness. How do you respond to this? There’s just no way.

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What was the craziest idea you had for filming content? And will you ever make it come true?

As a rule, there are no such grand ideas, because I do not belong to the number of bloggers who create some complicated videos of a certain direction. I just show my life, my perception of reality, every day. And there are some pluses in it, but there are no complicated staged videos, I don’t really like it.

What do you never feel sorry for?

Never feel sorry for money on perfume. This is my weakness! More than once I’ve had to give almost my last bit for a fragrance(smiles). I’m not really into anything material anymore.

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What is the key to the success of any Influencer in today’s competitive environment?

There is simply no specific key to success. But I can say that honesty and sincerity, some kind of originality always gives some fruit. Be yourself, don’t copy anyone, and sooner or later it will shoot out(smiles).

What do you think is the main “thing” of your blog?

I guess it’s that I’m not like everyone else in terms of not trying to be someone else. And I do those things that only I do. That’s how I find my audience. Plus I’m funny(smiles). And I also know all the songs, so I’m not boring.

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Can you call yourself an unpredictable blogger?

It’s a strange concept, but more likely yes than no.

What would you like right now?

Right now most of all – for a massage!(smiles). I haven’t had a massage in two weeks. For me, that’s just about everything!

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