Artificial intelligence to help diagnose cancer in Ukraine

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence to help diagnose cancer in Ukraine

The technology is being made available as part of the National Program for the Implementation of Digital Cancer Diagnostics Technology, which will significantly speed up the detection of malignant tumors and make diagnoses more accurate.

Every day 167 Ukrainians die of cancer. Every year, about 140,000 Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer and 63,000 (45%) die, according to the latest data from the National Cancer Registry of Ukraine. The basis for successful treatment of cancer is the detection of malignant tumors at the initial stages, making the correct diagnosis and monitoring the course of the disease.

In the fall of this year, Ukraine received unique equipment for scanning and processing histological specimens with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) KFBIO AI, based on a neural network (DCNN), which is capable of analyzing histological images and automatically identifying affected and suspicious cells.

The scanner has significantly greater optical capabilities than conventional microscopes, and the integrated artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing about 1500 clinical cases per day. This increases diagnostic efficiency by more than 50 times.

In addition, the available library of more than 43,000 samples allows artificial intelligence to analyze the image and help the doctor make the most accurate diagnosis. Thanks to the scanner, the doctor only needs to review the slides that the AI considers suspicious or pathological. This means that the scanner reduces the workload on the doctor and the possibility of medical errors. In addition, the technology can be used in veterinary medicine to make highly accurate diagnoses for animals.

The equipment was delivered to Ukraine as part of the National Program for the Implementation of Digital Cancer Diagnostics. The program includes the introduction of a unique medical technology for digital scanning, storage and processing of histological specimens, creation of infrastructure, digital storage and a national library of images for training and advanced training of pathologists, and installation of more than 100 digital scanners in medical institutions and laboratories throughout Ukraine.

The goal of the program is to implement a plan for “national digital pathology” – the current level of cancer diagnosis in Ukraine, , which has been a standard in medicine in Europe, Israel, the UK, and America for many years. The goal of the program is to reduce mortality due to cancer in Ukraine.

Photo: press service

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