Jerry Heil told us what she studies in the US and how much it costs

Jerry Heil

STB continues to air premiere episodes of the Hell’s Bread with Yevhen Klopotenko project. Last week, singer-songwriter Jerry Heil visited the kitchen. Together with Yevhen, they cooked two incredible Ukrainian dishes and talked about the artist’s life.

While cooking, Jerry Heil told us that she is currently studying at Berklee College in Boston. There, the singer learned to create music for movies.

“I’m studying film composition. I went to get my degree, I want to gain experience. It takes four years to study there. I lived in Boston for the academic year. It’s a student city, almost only students live there. It’s an experience you won’t get anywhere else,” says Jerry Heil.

The singer admitted to the host that her tuition costs 40 thousand dollars a year. The artist also commented on how American students feel about Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

“Most of all, I communicated with students there. They are very empathetic, always asking how the family is. But, unfortunately, they don’t know what to say next. For some time, I did not understand how to deal with this, because I needed to carry some messages. I was advised not to ask them to donate to a particular bank, because, firstly, they would not do it, and secondly, it is not their style. You can say the following: “It’s very important for us, Ukrainians, that you address your government and say that you support Ukraine.” Then the government, realizing that these are their voters, will influence the top of the government. That’s how it works in a pyramid.”

The singer also noted that the only tour she gave in America was for charity.    

Photo: press service of STB

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