Million-dollar support: grants for entrepreneurs

Million-dollar support: grants for entrepreneurs - 1 - изображение

grants for entrepreneurs

Grants for Entrepreneurs – The Ukrainian Startup Fund has announced the launch of a new program that provides a significant opportunity for growth and development. As part of this initiative, 30 small and medium-sized businesses will have the opportunity to receive funding of 750 thousand euros each, which is approximately 1 million hryvnias.

The grants are made possible thanks to the financial support of the German and European Union governments. Each entrepreneur who successfully receives a grant will receive 25 thousand euros, which will allow them to expand and strengthen their business.

The program accepts applications from small and medium-sized enterprises that specialize in innovative products or services and have plans for export development. It is important to note that each company is entitled to submit only one application, and this condition also applies to related companies.

To participate in the program, companies must meet the following criteria:
  • To be registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Have the number of employees from 11 to 100.
  • Do not conduct business in Russia, Belarus or other countries under sanctions.
  • The company’s annual revenue must be less than 10 million euros.
  • At least 51% of the shares must be owned by Ukrainian owners.

Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to read the detailed terms of the program and apply for a grant here.

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