Masha Danilova presented a video for the song “Kaif”

Masha DanilovaOn May 31, Ukrainian singer Masha Danilova presented a video for her song “High.” The video was shot over two days and features Ukrainian actors Grigory Baklanov, Anastasia Tsymbalaru, and Aram Arzumanyan. The main message of the video is to enjoy every moment of your life and share your high with others.

“I recently heard the following phrase: “They say we live once. In reality, we die once, but we live every day.” I want to convey to my audience that this every day should not be wasted. Life can be long or short – no one knows what fate has in store for us. You need to live it with a buzz, do what you want, live the way you like, not the way they say. For me, this work is about freedom in all dimensions and senses, the main meaning of life is  to enjoy it!” the singer comments. 

Masha Danilova presented a video for the song Kaif - 1 - изображение

Masha Danilova

To coincide with the video release, Masha Danilova launched the “High Hugs” and “What Kyivans Get High On” challenges on her social media to give people positive vibes and find out what makes them high even in such a difficult time. Kyiv residents from different parts of the capital were happy to join the challenge.   

Photo: press service

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