Antytila presented the song “My Falcon”

Antytila presented the song My Falcon - 1 - изображениеGroup Antibodies presents new bilingual song and the video to it, which wasи created specifically for the computer game German-Finnish production “Death from Above”. The song is called “My Falcon” in Ukrainian.

Antytila presented the song My Falcon - 2 - изображение

‘My Falcon’ – the soundtrack to the game ‘Death from Above’

When an IT company from Germany asked us to create a song for the game, we were interested because because we love computer games ourselves. When we were told that players would transform into Ukrainian drone pilots and destroy the enemy from above, when we learned that 70% of the proceeds would go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we had no doubt about participating.

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Death from Above (“My Falcon”) is now perhaps the most difficult song in terms of sound and arrangement in our discography. But this is very much in line with the mood of the gameplay. We are confident that all players will find the perfect combination of interesting gameplay, a powerful soundtrack and a good cause in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Victory“, – says Taras Topolya, the leader of Antytila.

In the video clip for In both versions of the songs, the musicians depict combat operations, situations that our military really face on the front line, but in an animated form. Enemies imagesжas orcs, pigs, and virtually non-human creaturesthat they essentially are, and which gave the name new phenomenon in world history – racism. This symbolism emphasizes the deeper meaning of the video, which features a Ukrainian pilot and a drone operator, destroys the enemy who personifies the threat to freedom and independence.

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‘My Falcon’ – the soundtrack to the game ‘Death from Above’

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In the video, we wanted to convey the atmosphere of the game, the dynamics, the character, and also recreate the characters and once again show and emphasize to everyone who or what the army of the aggressor country really is. These are creatures that have a minimum of human traits and qualities” says Taras Topolya.

The essence of the game is that the player can control both the drone operator himself, maneuvering this character behind enemy lines, and the drone itself, attacking enemy positions with it, destroying troops, tanks, and other enemy forces. This balance between positioning and combat creates a tense gameplay as the operator moves further into the occupied territory, reclaiming land, nodes communication and all the property that once was stolen from the territory of Ukraine.

70% of the proceeds from the game will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and purchase drones that help to fight more effectively and protect against enemy attacks. This is an initiative of the game’s development team to support the Ukrainian military and bring Перемонию of Ukraine.

Recently. company LLC “Antibodies Concert” sentand 1 100 000 UAH, which were earned at the band’s charity concerts in Europe, to their own charity fund to purchase anti-drone guns. Thus, the group has raised 6 million, and soon the anti-drone systems with direction finders will be sent to the front line. In September, Antibodies will continue to their tour and go on tour in the USA and Canadaand the artists will perform for the first time in Australia and New Zealand.

Photo: press service

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