Oleksandr Pedan: about the most popular post-war profession

Oleksandr Pedan

Oleksandr Pedan spoke about one of the most popular post-war professions

In his educational project “UniverSheck”, the TV presenter examined the professions of builders and architects and visited the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, which specializes in training these specialists. 

The events of the last year have changed the pool of the most popular professions in Ukraine. Doctors, educators, and the military remain at the top of the list, but they are also joined by blue-collar occupations such as builders and architects. The scale of the destruction in Ukraine is enormous, so specialists in this field will be very useful in the post-war reconstruction.

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“UniverCheck 2. Professions”

One of the educational institutions that specializes in the education of builders and architects is the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, which has already graduated more than 80,000 specialists.

“According to the students, studying at KNUBA is not easy – seven coursework per semester, constant drawing and painting,” says the TV presenter. “Many freshmen cannot stand the workload and leave the university. Also, unlike many other universities, KNUBA has a creative competition. So you have to try hard to get in.”

The TV presenter noted the good condition of the university, which was built and designed by the teachers and students themselves, and the cosmetic repairs in the dormitory.

According to Oleksandr, it was not by chance that he and his team decided to tell about this university. They wanted applicants to discover such professions as construction and architecture, which, according to the TV presenter, are still underestimated.

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“UniverCheck 2. Professions”

“Our young people, often at the request of their parents, choose to study economics or law. A lot of specialists in these fields graduate every year. By the way, I am one of them – an economist by education who has never worked in my specialty,” says Oleksandr Pedan, “But the last year has shown that no matter what happens, people who can do something with their hands will always find work. Builders are one of them. These specialists are especially valuable today, when the neighboring country is razing our cities to the ground. So we recommend that you consider these specialties.”

In the project, the TV presenter also talks about the prospects of the architectural profession on the example of the interior design studio founded by Slava Balbek, a graduate of KNUBA and one of the most famous architects in Ukraine.

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Pedan: a project about universities

The issue about the capital and the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture is already available in the new issue of “UniverCheck 2. Professions”.

As a reminder, “UniverCheck 2. Professions” is an educational travelogue in which TV presenter Oleksandr Pedan and his daughter Lera travel to Ukrainian universities. They tell about the most popular specialties in educational institutions, organize excursions to dormitories, and introduce the student community. In the new season, Oleksandr and Lera also raise the issue of conscious career choice and share opportunities for professional growth in Ukraine.

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