Tarot forecast for March 13-19: The sun shines on Gemini, and Leo is visited by the Jester

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Tarot forecast for March 13-19: The number of sunny days is increasing and we are confidently moving towards the vernal equinox, which will take place next week. The belief that winter is finally gone gives us strength and hope. However, a month into the recession, you may not always have enough energy to do all the things you’ve planned. Take this into account and don’t worry about minor setbacks.

Read what else to expect from the new week in the tarot forecast from tarotist Kateryna Pylypenko.

Tarot forecast for March 13-19: The sun shines on Gemini, and Leo is visited by the Jester - 1 - изображение

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

Aries (Six of Wands)

The new week for Aries will definitely be very successful and will bring many pleasant surprises in the form of, for example, finally solved problems. Things started recently will go uphill. Be sure to share this success with friends and colleagues, with those who will sincerely be happy for you.

Taurus (Page of Cups)

The week will be surprisingly easy, harmonious, and cozy for Taurus. Don’t give up on small pleasures, pleasant meetings, dates, and gifts. Spring can always surprise with its contrasts and various surprises.

Gemini (Sun)

Gemini will have sunny days in their lives, literally and figuratively. In the near future, you will be lucky enough to fully experience what joy, harmony, and a life filled with light and meaning are. On this sunny wave, you have every chance to succeed and realize your dreams.

Cancer (Eight of Pentacles)

This week will require some concentration, diligent work on the details in their business, and self-improvement from Cancers. This will give you a good return and confirmation that you are on the right track.

Lion (Jester)

Leos this week will feel inclined to take risks and renewal. You may need to start over, from scratch. An adventurous attitude will open up new opportunities and new pages in your life. Don’t be afraid of anything and take a chance!

Tarot forecast: Virgo (Three of Wands)

Virgos will have new opportunities and broad prospects. What you’ve been working on has finally paid off. Take advantage of all the chances that will appear before you now.

Libra (Empress)

For Libra, this week will be full of positive events and creative pursuits. Whatever you take on will have an interesting continuation and perspective. Let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to experiment. The results will surprise and delight you!

Scorpio (Ace of Cups)

The week promises Scorpios lightness and inspiration, romance and beauty. Love, joy, admiration for something magical and elusive will come into your life. And problems can be solved without your participation.

Sagittarius (Three Cups)

In the near future, Sagittarius can expect to expand their social circle, make new interesting and useful acquaintances that will help improve results in any area of life. It can also be just a fun and long-awaited meeting with friends.

Capricorn (Six of Cups)

Capricorns may need support, and they should look for it in the past. A meeting with your parents, childhood friends, or finding an important thing from the past that brings back pleasant memories can help you find your footing in the present.

Aquarius (King of Wands)

Representatives of this sign may face the need to show their will, determination and make an important decision. You can make useful acquaintances, get advice that will help you succeed, and meet an active man who can help you in many ways.

Tarot forecast: Pisces (Ten of Wands)

The card warns that you may overestimate your strength and risk putting too much on your shoulders. Give yourself some rest in the coming days, and think about who you can delegate some of your responsibilities to.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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