Olya Polyakova’s charity concert for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 8

Charity concert

Olya Polyakova’s charity concert for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 8

Olya Polyakova’s charity concert will take place on March 8 at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center at 14:00. Those who are actively involved in bringing our victory closer will be invited to the concert: military, doctors, employees of the State Emergency Service,  volunteers, etc. The entrance to the concert will be free for them. 

“I really miss my audience. And every concert in this difficult time is not only my favorite job, but also completely new emotions from meeting people who have changed a lot over the past year. We have all become like one big family. These are unique feelings that make us all closer and stronger. In addition, it is important for me to work for those whose schedule and capabilities are limited to serving and helping the people and the country, but who also, and perhaps more than others, need positive emotions and a boost of good mood,” comments The singer made her own decision. 

Earlier, it was reported that the singer’s first large-scale performance since the beginning of the full-scale invasion will begin at 19:00. Part of the proceeds from the concert will be used to purchase drones and pickup trucks for Bakhmut. 

The program, called “Everything Will Be Fine,” will include favorite hits in Ukrainian as well as new wartime tracks. This is a new show that will replace the legendary Queen of the Night program. The concert will be directed by German Nenov.

Photo: press service

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