“Eurovision Diaries: who became Timur Miroshnychenko’s partner

Eurovision diaries

Eurovision diaries

On Saturday, March 4, at 16:45, Suspilne Kultura TV channel will launch the premiere of the updated Eurovision Diaries, which will be broadcast every Saturday. The project will be hosted by Timur Miroshnichenko, the permanent commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest, , and host of the National Selection, and Anna Tulieva, host of the Eurovision Ukraine video blog.

For ten weeks, viewers will be able to enjoy the hottest discussions of the latest news from the Eurovision world and unexpected guests: offline and online. Famous Ukrainians whose lives and work are inextricably linked to the Eurovision Song Contest will visit the Eurovision Diaries studio at . Moreover, the project will introduce Ukrainian viewers to Eurovision 2023 participants from other countries. They will get in touch with the program’s hosts, Timur and Anna, and to share their impressions of participating in this year’s show and beyond.

“For me personally, it’s not just a new season of the Eurovision Song Contest Diaries, but also my first TV experience as a host. Timur has always been my mentor in my career. Therefore, the realization that he is my co-host once again proves that dreams that sometimes seem unrealistic can one day come true. Preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest Diaries are now in full swing, and we have an incredible team of specialists from different platforms. A few spoilers: there will definitely be guests from Ukraine, whom Euro fans adore, and this year’s participants from other countries, of course, online,” Anna Tullieva shared.

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Every Saturday, Anna Tullieva and Timur Miroshnichenko will analyze one aspect of the Eurovision Song Contest and, most importantly, recall its history. How did Eurovision become a “Ukrainian national sport” and is it really beneficial for countries to win this contest? Show business experts and Eurovision fans will share their opinions on these and other topics. 

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Eurovision diaries

“You can love or hate Eurovision, but it’s just pointless to deny the fact that it’s a unique event that has fantastically correct values. Equality, diversity, unity, humanity, correctness, respect, empathy… These are not just words, they are what Eurovision lives by and teaches its viewers. That’s why watching the show is not only pleasant, but also useful. For me, for you, for society. That’s why my goal is simple: to make people fall in love with Eurovision!” said Timur Miroshnichenko.

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