Tarot forecast for October 17-23: Sagittarius will show generosity, and Cancers will be tested for strength

Tarot prediction 17-23 October

The new week precedes an important astrological, astronomical and esoteric event — the eclipse corridor. It will begin on October 25 with a solar eclipse and end on November 4 with a lunar eclipse. So the transition to the dark period of the year will be felt only too well by all of us. Therefore, it is worth preparing internally for this already this week, as well as, as always, take care of your safety and psychological balance, take care of your relatives. The main arcana of the week is the Five of Wands, a map of conflicts, confrontations and general tension. Read what else you should prepare for in the new tarot forecast from the tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko .

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarot forecast for 17-23 October

 Aries (Ten of Pentacles)

Despite the general tense atmosphere for Aries, this week can bring unexpectedly simple domestic happiness. Long-awaited cozy meetings with loved ones, friends, acquaintances are possible. You will be able to feel the support of the family circle that you need now. Financial and work matters will go in the direction of good prospects.

Taurus (Seven of Swords)

Taurus should be especially careful this week, because there is a risk of getting into a situation of deception. If you need to sign any documents, you should especially carefully read all the points, so as not to suffer from your own carelessness later. You will need all your willpower and determination to cope with all life’s difficulties.

Gemini (Moderation)

The New Moon in Libra will bring significant balance to Gemini’s life. The process of positive reflection and the feeling of completing a certain stage will bring balance and satisfaction. And will also be able to lay the right foundation for the next period.

Cancer (Strength)

Certain situations and events will test Cancers’ willpower, strength, and character stability. However, most often the card indicates that there will be enough strength for everything, so there is no need to be afraid of problems and obstacles. It is worth putting your talents to work or becoming more active in your personal life. And to act without aggression, but having gained confidence in one’s abilities.

Leo (King of Pentacles)

Lions can see the results of their activities this week. Be happy for yourself, because you have managed to do a lot and learn a lot. You can also start planning a new business. All financial matters will have good prospects. It is also possible to meet with the respected King of Pentacles, who can help not only with words, but also with deeds.

Virgo (Two of Wands)

For Virgos, this week will be a short break in order to gather their thoughts and calmly determine their future path, develop a new strategy and tactics. It is necessary to soberly assess the situation around you and weigh your options. And only after that act.

Libra (Queen of Swords)

The time has come to show your strong and strong-willed character traits, to counteract the circumstances. Determination and persistence are what will help Libra achieve their goals. You should also wait for a meeting with a wise woman whose advice you should listen to. It can be important in your life.

 Scorpio (Three of Wands)

Scorpios will finally find themselves on that stretch of the road, from which wide perspectives will open before them. Use this chance to realize your possibilities, look into the future and choose the right landmarks on the way to your goal. And also to start acting in this direction.

Sagittarius (Six of Pentacles)

Sagittarius will be able to show their generosity and other best character traits in the near future. Help the person who came to you with his problem, try to show attention to him. Remember that the good you do will definitely come back to you. In our unstable times, it is very important to contribute to the maintenance of the “give-take” balance.

Capricorn (Eight of Pentacles)

From Capricorns, the new week will require concentration, working out the details, high-quality performance of certain tasks and self-improvement. Thanks to this, you will get a good result in the area that is a priority for you today.

Aquarius (Magic)

Anticipation of an eclipse can inspire Aquarians to be active, generate new ideas and projects, which will set the right vector in the financial sphere as well. Do not be afraid to go into new fields and professions. After all, now is the time for changes, and extraordinary changes. It will be harder to do next week.

Pisces (Ten of Wands)

Pisces should be mentally prepared to overcome obstacles, taking will into a fist and remembering discipline. At the same time, you should not overestimate your capabilities and show arrogance towards others. Don’t lose control of the situation, don’t take on too many loads, and then you will achieve the best results for you.

Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko

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