Masha Danilova presented a new lyrical song “Light Bulbs”

Masha Danilova presented a new lyrical song Light Bulbs - 1 - изображение
The young Ukrainian singer Masha Danilova, who is also known for her Danilova Podcast on YouTube, presented a touching song “Light Bulbs” about burnt-out feelings.

When a person falls in love, they seem to glow, as if a bright light bulb has gone off in them, giving radiance and shine to their eyes. The track tells the story of the unhappy ending of love between the heroine and her soulmate. In it, the singer shares how her “light bulbs went out” for a number of reasons. Masha managed to adequately combine the eternal problem of love and the current problem of the blackout.

“When I see that a loved one is cheating, I immediately lose my feelings. I drew a parallel to this feeling with “a light bulb going out” because I think it’s an appropriate comparison today. Hence the title of the track. The story itself is connected with my past. I always express all my vivid emotions in my songs, so this experience was the impetus for writing such a sensitive composition,”- Masha Danilova shared her frankness.

Photo: the singer’s press service 

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