From intelligence installations to star predictions – more than 100 interviews with Natalia Moseychuk on YouTube

From intelligence installations to star predictions - more than 100 interviews with Natalia Moseychuk on YouTube - 1 - изображение
Every week, Natalia Moseychuk, a TV presenter of the News Marathon, 1+1, and YouTube blogger, publishes exclusive videos with experts, celebrities, diplomats, journalists, and politicians on her channel. Recently, 100 videos have been published. The total viewership of all conversations on the channel has reached over 45 million views. Almost half a million subscribers follow the updates. And the views of conversations with the founder of the OCDO Valeriy Kur crossed the 2 million mark, and with farmer Oleksandr Povorozniuk – 4.5 million. 

What’s worth watching, what ideas and views to pay attention to – we share the top 5 videos according to subscribers’ feedback.

Bayraktar – wings of a legend

Exclusive from Turkey. The Bayraktar brothers are the ones who helped us survive in the first days of the full-scale invasion. Natalia Moseychuk’s team became the first foreign TV crew to show the tests of the Kizilelm unmanned fighter jet, a secret weapon of the Turkish defense industry. The details of the project to build a Baikar plant in Ukraine, which was planned back in 2018, have been revealed. How do they engage young people so that children have an interest in robotics from an early age? The video is followed by the news: Bayraktar has donated 2 more drones to Ukraine.

Cotton “has been burning and will continue to burn…”

Vasyl Malyuk, the head of the SBU, spoke about who will receive the “bouquet of cotton”. In the first TV interview about the evidence base of Russian crimes on the territory of Ukraine:

“In the materials that we have already collected… Karen Khan, the international prosecutor, when he saw them, said “aerobatics”… We have a lot of interesting audio files and more. So everything has its time.”

Yermak’s puzzles

Two videos 10 months apart. The first was immediately after a trip to de-occupied Bucha, and the second was after Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the United States.

“What we will receive after this visit will be everything we need to win. We started with Javelins, and today we are getting Patriots. This is a process.”

For the first time, the President’s manager commented on the idea of puzzles that the whole country can solve. 

 Ukrainian Mossad

Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, talks about the Ukrainian Mossad, Putin’s doppelgangers and his forecast:  

“After the winter, the end of this conflict will begin with the first stage of reaching the administrative border as of 1991… By the end of spring. Perhaps a little earlier: you can make mistakes in the days, but not in the algorithm of actions.” 

Why did Mariupol fall?

One of the most frank interviews was with Bohdan Krotevych, the chief of staff of the Azov regiment. About the heroic defense of Mariupol and a view from inside hell – literally –  from Azovstal. 

Astrologer’s forecast 

And for the first time on Ukrainian YouTube, astrologer Angela Pearl talked about the star aspect during the war: this spring, we can expect many life-changing events. 

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk 

A truthful, frank, painful, and encouraging interview with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, when the whole country cried at the touching moments. 

“Sometimes it’s impossible to hold back tears when you hear stories of Ukrainians’ exploits. Every conversation made me feel that we are a nation of unconquered people. We are going to win, on different fronts, everyone is doing their job. This is exactly what I want to convince my viewers with the help of interviews. I thank everyone for the 13 million views of all the videos on the channel. For your thoughts, comments and wishes. I read everything,”- Natalia Moseychuk said

Photo: 1+1 press service

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