Top 5 hottest weather forecasters in the world

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More and more people learn the weather forecast from mobile apps and search engines. In spite of this, however, television weather news maintains consistently high ratings, thanks to the beauty and seductive form of meteorologists.

Let’s take a look together at Woman Magazine’s Top 5 Sexiest Weather Forecasters in the World.


Janet has long held the title of “The Sexiest Weather Presenter in the World. She delights viewers when she is on TV, standing sideways to the camera, which is not surprising. Janet is a journalist by training. In her youth, she participated in beauty contests and video clips. He runs a weather forecast on his YouTube channel, which is an incredible success among Mexicans.


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– is an American TV host and singer originally from Ukraine. At the age of 18, she moved to the United States, where she participated in the show American Idol and released several singles that became hits. The most famous of these are: “Ring My Bell” and “Dynamite.” Now she is a weather forecaster on PBS, which is popular because of her charisma.


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This girl, originally from a small town in Transylvania, says that she succeeded because of her parents and their faith in their daughter. She was shy as a child, but that didn’t stop her from being trained as a journalist and becoming a Pro TV host. Magda was filmed for Playboy Romania magazine.


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The charming Frenchwoman has hosted several musical projects on M6, but is best remembered as a weather presenter. At the beginning of her career, she worked as an animator in the show “Harem”. Brave Ariana also took part in the “Fort Boyard” program.


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Sol Perez hosts the weather forecast on TyC Sports. Her appearance attracts male audiences and makes them watch the show to the very end. Once, Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that Sol Perez is his favorite presenter. The girl is popular on social networks, as she loves to please her fans with her piquant photos.


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