A new School of Superheroes will be opened in Lviv

School of Superheroes

The construction of a new School of Superheroes has begun in the Lviv “Hospital of St. Nicholas”. Symbolically, on St. Nicholas Day, TV host 1+1, curator of Superhero Schools and the Right to Education project Nataliya Moseichuk announced this. 

“Children’s dreams must come true. Especially the little ones in the hospital should be gifted. And we have important news – construction has begun. I am grateful to the teachers and doctors, parents, for standing by the children. It’s about knowledge, psychological support, kind hearts and faith in the future, where we will win!”, – started by Nataliya Moseychuk. 

New renovation, books and accessories

VP “Hospital of Saint Nicholas” is a special place. Since the beginning of the war, children from all over the country with severe injuries have been brought here by evacuation trains and ambulances – shrapnel, mine-explosive, gunshot wounds, extensive burns, amputations… In order to return such children to a full-fledged life, a team of professional rehabilitators works with them every day. Now they will treat with knowledge. 

Two classrooms for junior and senior high school students and a library. New renovation, desks, chairs, interactive boards, books, accessories. Currently, up to 400 small patients are constantly in the hospital. 

 school of superheroes

New School of Superheroes in Lviv

For almost a year, the School of Superheroes has been a state institution and, despite the war, is working. Teachers’ salaries will be financed by the state.

“A year ago, this was our big goal, and today we thank everyone for seeing the work in action,” – Nataliya Moseichuk added. 

Yehor Gordeev and Nelya Shovkoplias showed the future educational space live on the air of Breakfast with 1+1. But they called to help the hospital with rehabilitation equipment so that the children could learn and recover faster. Join: https://dobro.ua/project/wish2022/ 

 school of superheroes

Little patients of the Lviv St. Nicholas Hospital will study

This is already the 8th educational space, which will soon be operational. But the project team is not stopping – very soon the construction of another new School of Superheroes will begin in Kyiv, at the Cancer Institute. 

At the same time, schools in Dnipro, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Kharkiv do not stop working. Only in November – almost 500 lessons for small hospital patients. School teachers and psychologists, Right to Education team  feeling the challenges of wartime, they concentrated their efforts on strengthening the psychological support and rehabilitation of students. For example, in Okhmatdyt (Kyiv) since the first days of the war, psychologist teacher Olena Anoprienko has been supporting young patients and sharing best practices. Her work was recognized as part of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2022 national award. And on the Edera platform, a free course on the psychology of trauma has been opened, which anyone who wants to can take and get the appropriate certificate. 

Photo: 1+1 press service

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