A collection of ethnic clothing that heals will be presented in Sofia Kyivska

A collection of ethnic clothing that heals will be presented in Sofia Kyivska - 1 - изображение

This Saturday, December 3, a show of the STRIJ brand collection – clothing that heals – will be held in Khlibna of the Sofia Kyivska National Reserve. The designer is Anna Zakletska – a well-known Ukrainian TV and radio presenter, public figure, vocalist of the VRODA folk duo and a researcher of folklore and paganism, Ukrainian culture and traditions in a pre-Christian reading. 

Ethnic collection of everyday clothes

This is the first designer line of warm everyday ethnic wear from Anna Zakletska, which includes 13 looks – knitted floor-length dresses, pantsuits and skirts, created from merino wool yarn and decorated with knitted breast ornaments-crisis and  authentic patterns. They are exact copies of ornamented embroidery from Anna’s own collection of 20 pieces of embroidery. Among them are embroidered women over 100 years old. The main colors of the collection are white, red and black.

The STRIY collection was created on the basis of knowledge obtained from the stories of Anna’s grandmother – Hana, born in 1922, who lived most of her life in Khmelnytskyi and Rivne regions, about weaving, witchcraft, philosophy of life, God, language, rituals, laws of being, the source of happiness and meaning, for the sake of which we embodied. And also from the stories of people with whom Zakletska communicated for 30 years in her own folklore expeditions in Ukraine and the world.

“Target, whole, whole, healing – all these words are united by a common root and imply fullness, uniformity and the absence of gaps/oversplitting. Each sound, color, shape has its own vibration frequency. Your shirt is closer to your body: our native sounds and patterns resonate with the frequency of each of us – thereby making us whole, strong, protected. In order to feel it and be able to use it, it is important to get to know yourself and live consciously,” – explains Anna Zakletska.

The collection is accompanied by the publication of a lookbook with interpretations of #grandmother about the meaning of patterns, numbers, colors, and explains the essence of the ritual circle of Ukrainians of pre-Christian influence.

The show will be held in a theatrical format

The show will take place in a theatrical format based on the native myth about the creation of the world. The action, which was also directed by Anna Zakletska, will show how the world emerges from the all-seeing eye, the black hole. Everything begins with one, everything is a manifestation of the One, everything over time, having followed its original path, returns to it – the one Absolute. 

Artists from the family vocal and choreographic group will appear on the catwalk as models ensemble “Zernyatko”  under the guidance of Anna’s mother – Raisy Zakletskа

Will be a special guest of the show Nadia Vasina – former member of the national artistic gymnastics team, the most flexible girl of Ukraine. A singer will also appear on the podium Aira

The musical accompaniment of the show was created together with Oleksandr Zhizhchenko, with the participation of a bandurist  ONUKA band  Yevhen Jovenka and virtuoso, artistic director NAONI, producer Olesya Zhuravchaka (reed pipe).

They will be the guests of the eventOlya Sumska, Les Podervyanskyi, Nastya Vergeles and Denys Bloshchynskyi, Serge Smolin and Serge Payet, Semen Horov, Pavlo Shilko, Olympia Vaitmustash, Iryna Stupka. Invited – Lenyo from Kozak System, Oleg Skrypka and others.

The event also included a lecture on numerology and the concept of “threes” in the native worldview, a master class on making a motanka doll, and a presentation of an interpretation book. The project website will be launched on the day of the presentation www.striy.com.ua. 

When: December 3, Saturday, starting at 5 p.m

Where: “Sofia Kyivska” National Reserve, Khlibnia, str. Volodymyrska, 24

The location has an air raid shelter and uninterrupted power supply. 

Photo: Batteries agency

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