Forecast for December: astropsychologist Maria Pion

Forecast for December

Forecast for December: astropsychologist Maria Pion said that she expects all signs of the zodiac

The month everyone is waiting for. The festive mood will really be from a significant relief of energy. For many zodiac signs, things will noticeably improve and relief will come in stuck issues.

But do not forget that this is the period of Mars still retrograde, that is, it is aggression, quarrels and conflicts. And, of course, at the end of the month and on the New Year itself, Mercury will be retrograde, so many people will have to redo things from the past and go through karmic steps with different people.

astropsychologist Maria Pion

astropsychologist Maria Pion


The ruler of the sign Mars will show himself in communication, and this is often associated with the emergence of documentary cases, car repairs or returning to issues from the past. A feeling of anxiety is present at the beginning of the month. After December 21, luck will be in the family sector and this often indicates its expansion, a plan for joint holidays.

Advice from the Tarot: a gathering of like-minded people will bring peace and well-being. Feel free to attend events, celebrations and gather people around you.

Aries forecast

Forecast for December


A period of spiritual growth. Your plans are easily implemented and bring pleasure. Finally, a tangible shift in your path to your dream. Jupiter in the house of the future – a good time to apply for a visa, plan a move, drastic changes. This is the time for negotiations, luck in business is guaranteed by the stars.

Advice from the Tarot: planning for the long term now and meeting foreigners will bring success in the future.

Taurus forecast


Prepare for a new role at work, career growth is possible. The moon promotes victory, so contests and competitions in the professional field can bring awards and status. Unexpected receipts of funds are also possible. Intimacy will be a distraction, but try to balance it.

Advice from the Tarot: Enjoy everything to the maximum, now you are in the center of events.

twins forecast


The month is associated with legal issues, court cases. An idea may come to study or become a teacher in some field. You can fully dive into a new project in the middle of the month. You will want to keep certain information a secret, but it will not succeed.

Advice from Tarot – approach all matters with a cold heart, it is better to analyze, not to give in to emotional decisions.

Cancer prognosis

Forecast for December


A month of rethinking partners and business connections awaits you. Uranus brings drastic changes in work. Extreme decisions, changes in the team, or immersion in a new team are possible. The period of getting in touch with the past.

Advice from the Tarot: keep your emotions in balance, it is important to take care of your condition so as not to lash out at loved ones.

Forecast for December Leo


In December, Neptune unfolds and reveals secrets in relationships and partnerships. You may also be lucky in dating, a change of status in a relationship is possible. The work will show a return to previous projects, or even a previous type of activity. Another important issue of motherhood, worrying about children can take time.

Advice from the Tarot: feel free to open up to new communication, good luck with useful acquaintances. You will not miss “your” person

forecast of a virgin

Forecast for December


The issue of health comes to the fore, it is a good time for diagnosis and the choice of a specialist. From December 7, the issue of real estate will be raised, the sale or purchase of housing is successful. The exit of the profession to the online level will bring development and profit. This is a month of opportunity for you.

Advice from Tarot: approach creatively to any issues, do not act standardly

Libra forecast for December


This month there may be a return to situations from the past, the month is psychologically difficult. You will want to rest, and right now it is possible to implement these plans. From December 21 – the time of meetings and fateful acquaintances.

Advice from the Tarot: look closely at people.  An important person will appear in your environment, who will bring relief

Scorpio forecast


The issue of finances after December 7 attracts your attention, a possible redistribution of the budget. A secret related to the actions of loved ones, additions to the family may be revealed. And if you have been hesitating for a long time whether to open your own business – now is a favorable period.

Advice from the Tarot: Feel free to start from scratch

Sagittarius forecast

Forecast for December


Important information will come. You will learn details that will change the global situation in life. This could be the month of uncovering secrets. From December 7, you will feel a significant relief in all spheres of life, but health issues may remind you of old illnesses.

Got from the Tarot: you have a powerful power to realize your intention

Forecast for December Capricorn


The month will bring changes in the financial plan, possible repayment of debts, a time of stability in work. But in family relationships, conflicts and quarrels are possible. It is worth devoting time to yourself, taking care of your appearance, hobbies, and having a nice rest. Also, the month can give a chance to acquire new skills.

Tip from the Tarot: Give yourself time to rest

Aquarius forecast


December will be a month of luck and signs of fate. For Pisces, big creative plans and changes in creativity will be the main ones. A good profit is expected from projects that bring pleasure. The moon brings connections from the past, former acquaintances.

Advice from the Tarot: be prepared for karmic events, accept the situation

Forecast for December of fish

Forecast for December

Text and photo: astropsychologist Maria Pion
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