The National program #SaveLimbs was launched in Ukraine

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The National program #SaveLimbs was launched in Ukraine, the mission of which is to stop the disability of Ukrainians due to limb injuries received as a result of the war. The purpose of the program is to provide Ukrainian hospitals with everything necessary to carry out 15,000 operations on limbs thanks to the fundraising campaign to collect the First Medical Billion.

Today, the whole country will pay for drones. But every day hundreds of wounded people arrive at hospitals from the front and the attacked cities. More than 70% of injuries are injuries of limbs! If we do not save the arms and legs of our soldiers and civilians now, the state and society will receive tens of thousands of people with disabilities, – says Serhii Soshinskyi, the initiator of the #SaveKintsivku program, president of the IBF Health of the Ukrainian People   – The average cost of treating a limb with its preservation is within 60,000-70,000 UAH. We call on all Ukrainians to participate in the meeting of the First Medical Billion. This will help implement 15,000 operations on the wounded, help save their limbs and bring them back to life.

The Expert Council includes 60 of the best doctors

To implement the program, an Expert Council has already been formed, which includes more than 60 of the best orthopedic doctors and rehabilitators of Ukraine, who work in most regions. The creation of a register of medical workers and health care institutions (regional, city, district and other hospitals) that take care of limb injuries and rehabilitation has also begun.

The National program #SaveLimbs was launched in Ukraine - 1 - изображение

In Ukraine, the National program #SaveLimbs

Every complicated case of injury that will be registered as part of the #SaveLimbs program will be submitted to the experts of the program, the most difficult – to the national councils, based on the results of which treatment will be prescribed and a specific medical institution will undertake the operation. The most complex operations will be performed on the basis of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

The components of the program are emergency assistance to victims, creation of an expert community, its professional development and treatment of limb injuries with subsequent rehabilitation. Also, the goal of the program is to provide continuous professional development of medical workers to improve the quality of medical services and reduce the number of medical errors.

You can support the program here.

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