The band “Druha Rika” donated 100,000 hryvnias to charity from the “INSHA RIKA” concert

The second river

On October 8, the band “Druha Rika” played the “INSHA RIKA” charity acoustic concert, the first in Kyiv since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. The performance of the musicians, in addition to meeting the obligations to the audience who purchased tickets before February 24, was aimed at raising funds to support the activities of the charity fund “Vector – optical laboratory” , where devices for the Armed Forces are repaired free of charge.

Volunteers and military personnel with their families were invited to the concert. The performance took place in a warm friendly atmosphere. Musicians played in an acoustic version of popular and familiar songs “Three minutes”, “Not alone anymore”, “Fury”, “Secret”, “So little here you” and others , some from the little-known repertoire and his new song “Did you hear”. 

The band Druha Rika donated 100,000 hryvnias to charity from the INSHA RIKA concert - 1 - изображение

The band Druha Rika donated 100,000 hryvnias to charity from the INSHA RIKA concert - 2 - изображение

“It’s like an ordinary concert, which we played hundreds of times, but for some reason, before going out and the first minutes on stage, I was nervous as if for the first time. We traveled thousands of kilometers performing in Europe – meeting new audiences and meeting well-known fans, but a concert at home for our native audience is an extremely important and responsible moment that made us nervous. Probably because for me it was a kind of reporting concert, as a symbol of return and continuation of life. Thank you for this exciting moment… Return…”, — the frontman of the band Valery Kharchyshyn commented on the concert.


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Before the performance, the musicians announced a fundraiser on their pages in social networks. Concertgoers also had the opportunity to make a donation in cash, for this purpose there was a special box in front of the entrance to the hall, or by using a QR code. The total amount that the band gave to the BF “Vector – Optical Laboratory” is UAH 100,000, it consists of donations made by Ukrainians and part of the funds from ticket sales.

The band Druha Rika donated 100,000 hryvnias to charity from the INSHA RIKA concert - 3 - изображение

The band Druha Rika donated 100,000 hryvnias to charity from the INSHA RIKA concert - 4 - изображение

We, those people who do not directly participate in hostilities, have the most important task – to strengthen our army in the field in which we are specialists. The support of the army by cultural and artistic figures is crucial and proves that Ukrainians are united in their struggle. On received from the band Second River money, we will repair over $30,000 worth of military optical devices and send them to the front. Good thermal imagers, night vision devices and other optical devices will help our soldiers to save lives on the battlefield, which means that the benefit of our work will be undoubted , – said military volunteer, founder of Vektor Optical Laboratory Ihor Fedirko.


About the charity fund

The charity fund “Vector – optical laboratory” carries out expensive repairs with the funds of benefactors at the request of military personnel. Their activity has been going on for more than 7 years. Having extensive experience in working with optics and understanding the reasons for which mistakes are most often made when using devices, the heads of the laboratory started military school “Boriviter”. It provides free training for military personnel who will soon be deployed to the places of hostilities. 

“Druha Rika” plans to continue visiting the cities of Ukraine with the “INSHA RIKA” charity tour and collect funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the schedule of concerts is currently being drawn up and will be announced later. 

Photo: Irena Skuratovska

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