Tarot forecast for August 22-28: a difficult week requires balance and strength

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The new week will bring us a meeting with the New Moon on August 27. Until this day, the Moon is on the wane, so we will not have enough energy, we may feel tired, weak, and anxious. Important public holidays this week and the general tension surrounding the war will add to these feelings. However, it is important to maintain internal balance, mental balance and confidence in one’s actions. This is what the main arcana of the week – Temperance – hints at.

What more to expect for each of us, read in the new Tarot Forecast from the tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko.

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Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarot forecast for August 22-28
Aries (Two of Swords)

Representatives of the Aries sign may suddenly find themselves in a situation where an important decision needs to be made, and they will not have enough willpower. All this runs the risk of being prolonged and going into an uncontrollable format. Therefore, it is better to dare and make a responsible decision.

Taurus (Eight of Wands)

The Eight of Wands often indicates sharp changes in the positive direction, which may come as a surprise during this busy week. Moving, traveling or receiving good news are possible. At the same time, you will have to make important decisions in rapidly changing conditions. So act quickly and decisively!

Gemini (Sun)

This week, Gemini can suddenly feel the fullness of life, deep inner satisfaction and a surge of energy. The sun will shine brightly for them, giving them glory, joy and a sense of security. Be prepared that in the wake of this solar energy, pleasant surprises and the realization of wishes may happen to you.

Cancer (King of Swords)

Cancers will have to act responsibly and decisively under difficult conditions. It will be necessary to make difficult decisions, plan and develop a strategy of actions for this period. Listen to good advice – it will definitely not be superfluous now. Everything you do now will pay off in the future.

Leo (Eight of Swords)

This week, Leos may face limitations in their actions or fear that will paralyze and prevent them from adequately assessing reality. Remember the main arcana of the week, Temperance, which speaks of inner balance and calm for making the right decisions in a difficult situation. There is always a way out, you just have to look for it with a cool head.

Virgo (Wheel of Fortune)

The Wheel of Fortune will finally please Virgo with unexpected but pleasant surprises and positive changes in life. Everything will turn in the right direction for you, just try not to interfere with the natural course of events and maintain inner balance.

Libra (Queen of Pentacles)

Libras will soon begin a new fruitful period in their activities and their financial opportunities will increase. It is possible that it will be necessary to pay attention to solving household problems. There is also a chance that you can meet a woman who fits the image of the Queen of Pentacles – a practical housewife. Or, under the influence of certain circumstances, you yourself can become such a Queen.

Scorpio (Devil)

Such temptations and illusions may suddenly appear in front of Scorpios, which are difficult to resist. However, this card is of the “forewarned means armed” category. Therefore, be prepared for situations that will require you to make a deal with your conscience, and try to get out of them with honor. If this exam is successfully passed, be sure – autumn will prepare pleasant surprises for you.

Sagittarius (Moon)

On the eve of the New Moon, everyone will lack energy, but Sagittarius will feel it especially acutely. So pay attention to your state, mental and physical, avoid negative emotions and physical overload. Misleading expectations, hiding facts from you, mistakes and manifestation of subconscious fears are possible. Do practices and rituals that calm you down and restore your inner balance.

Capricorn (Five of Swords)

Capricorns may face an unpleasant situation of conflict, discord, and scandal in the near future. Moreover, it will not give satisfaction or joy to the winner because of the chosen dishonest strategy. Therefore, try to calculate its consequences at the very beginning of the conflict and take the right actions. Don’t waste your energy!

Aquarius (Ace of Cups)

Aquarians will have a new source of inspiration and enthusiasm. The beautiful cup depicted on the card can be full of pleasant surprises: a new love, a long-awaited gift or just a fun party with friends. The card advises you to take advantage of this easy energy and make your wishes come true!

Pisces (Two of Pentacles)

The card usually indicates the problem of choosing and finding a balance. Most likely, difficult circumstances will present to Pisces the question of balancing between several offers, projects, sources of income or personal issues. For the best result, it is necessary to show flexibility and wisdom in decision-making.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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