The dentist named the popular procedure of the summer season

Dentist Oksana Mykhailiuk told Woman everything about the teeth whitening procedure. Modern methods make it possible to whiten teeth in just one visit, says the doctor. Therefore, it is not surprising that the popularity of this procedure is growing every year.

“As for teeth whitening, it’s a cool and popular procedure, especially in the summer. But, if there are composite or ceramic restorations in the frontal area-   they do not bleach.  Everything is quite simple: we carry out the whitening procedure and ten days later invite the patient to change the restoration to make it fresh to match the color of the smile.” comments the dentist.

Like any medical procedure, bleaching has contraindications, which can be divided into absolute and relative .

“It is categorically not possible to carry out the whitening procedure for periodontal diseases (periodontitis, gingivitis and other gum diseases), during the period of wearing braces and for children under 16 years of age. Contraindications include pregnancy, lactation and allergy to hydrogen peroxide. Whitening is not carried out in the presence of caries – the teeth must be cured before whitening. Sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold is also a contraindication. Therefore, before signing up for the procedure, it is recommended to come for a consultation so that the doctor can examine you, identify possible contraindications, determine the state of hygiene and the presence of caries.” Oksana Mykhailiuk emphasizes.

It often happens that a person does not like the color of his teeth and decided to whiten them, how then to choose a specialist?

I would advise whitening only at high-class specialists, in clinics where the equipment meets safety requirements. In order to get the expected result and maintain the health of the teeth, be sure to ask the dentist what method he uses, make an appointment for an initial examination. Professional whitening by a competent specialist in the absence of contraindications will give you the opportunity to smile openly and confidently, for all 32 , the doctor shares with us.

Photo: personal archive of Oksana Mykhailiuk

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