Ukrainian figure skaters reach the final of the World Championships

Ukrainian figure skaters

The World Figure Skating Championships continue in France. Ukrainian figure skaters Maksym Nikitin and Oleksandra Nazarova, who survived the shelling in Kharkiv, have qualified for the World Championships. 

They went on the ice in their training uniforms – in regular T-shirts and pants because they couldn’t prepare their costumes. 

The athletes are from the city of Kharkiv. In the last weeks of the war, they experienced real horrors there. They returned to their hometown immediately after the Beijing Olympics in late February. On February 24, Kharkiv suffered the first attacks from the Russian occupiers. Oleksandra was able to leave the city, and Maksym spent three weeks in Kharkiv under fire. 


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They appeared on the ice stage in France wearing T-shirts in the color of the Ukrainian flag, which brought tears to the eyes of thousands of spectators. The skaters received 67.70 points for their performance. The couple refused to continue participating in the championship because they did not have time to prepare a new routine for . 


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The soundtrack for their performance was made up of two symbolic melodies – Jamala’s track “1944”, with which the singer won the Eurovision Song Contest, and the folk song “Oi v luzi” performed by Khlyvniuk.

Photo: social networks of Maksym Nikitin and Oleksandra Nazarova

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