Surf for Solidarity with Ukraine: the first online Ukrainian Surfers’ Cup

Surf for Solidarity with Ukraine

Surf for Solidarity with Ukraine

The Ukrainian Surfing Association held the first all-Ukrainian online competition UA Surfing Online Cup 2023 under the slogan Surf for Solidarity with Ukraine. The event aims to unite Ukrainian surfers, including those who currently do not have access to the ocean because of the war and are fighting for our freedom. That’s why the organizers chose a format that allowed all interested athletes to take part in the contest. To do this, they only needed to send a video of their recent travels. Registration lasted for a month, after which 2 rounds of the competition took place: qualification and final. Two waves with the highest scores were counted.

The competition was held in collaboration with the Asian Surf Cooperative, a reputable surf organization that has held many championships in different Asian countries, and even WSL QS events. Independent professional judges were responsible for evaluating the participants in a strictly confidential manner, so there is no doubt about the objectivity of the results.

List of winners and runners-up of the Surfing Online Cup 2023:
  • Amateurs: 1st place – Anna Klimova;
  • Longboard Classic: 1st place – Irina Bushkova, 2nd place – Taisiya Bykova, 3rd place – Alexander Tereshchenko;
  • SUP Surfing: 1st place – Alexander Ivanyushin;
  • Shortboard Juniors: 1st place – Ivan Minenko;
  • Shortboard Women: 1st place – Daria Korol, 2nd place – Nina Zavodchikova;
  • Shortboard Men: 1st place – Sergey Kukharsky, 2nd place – Alexander Tereshchenko, 3rd place – Ilya Varfolomeev.

“We are grateful to everyone who joined the competition, which aims to unite Ukrainian surfers, popularize our sport and support the sports front. It is also another demonstration that Ukraine is a modern, progressive, sporty and ambitious country,” commented representatives of the Ukrainian Surfing Association.

Despite the fact that all Ukrainians are currently focused on helping the frontline and humanitarian projects, the Association made efforts to ensure that all winners and runners-up received well-deserved awards. But most importantly, they managed to inspire Ukrainian surfers to continue to improve their skills and demonstrate to the world that there are many worthy athletes in Ukraine.

Photo: press service

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