From dresses to electronics: where to dispose of unnecessary things in Kiev

From dresses to electronics: where to dispose of unnecessary things in Kiev - 1 - изображение

Half a closet full of old clothes, extra shoes, and books you’ve read often just take up space in the house. They also collect tons of dust. But don’t rush to put them in the trash. Perhaps they can still be of use to someone else. Let’s find out where you can give them away and do a good deed at the same time. We will also tell you where to dispose of non-working equipment, mercury thermometers, lamps, batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Clothing, dishes and linens

One of the best solutions for old things is to give them to charity. In this case, it is worth checking their condition beforehand. Your items should be clean and recyclable. The test is simple: if you don’t wear it, don’t sacrifice it.

Red Cross of Ukraine

The Red Cross helps those in need who are in difficult circumstances. For example, to large and low-income families, displaced people. Here you can bring women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, winter and summer shoes, dishes, appliances, towels and linens. The pickup points are listed here. We recommend that you call before you visit to verify hours of operation.


This foundation helps orphanages and poor families all over Ukraine. Mostly to those who live in villages and small towns. Clean clothes, children’s toys, blankets, pillows, food, stationery, strollers, small appliances, dishes and medicines will be gladly accepted here. How to pass it on is written here.

БCaritas Kiev Charitable Foundation

Accepts linens, clothes, shoes, dishes, textiles. Collected items are distributed to those in need. Including handing over to single elderly people. You can leave your things at the address: 7-B, Mikitenko Street. Phone: (050) 380-99-83.

From dresses to electronics: where to dispose of unnecessary things in Kiev - 2 - изображение

Sweater Charity Foundation

The foundation accepts women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. New items are sold at city fundraisers – flea markets. As well as the store on Instagram. The proceeds are used to buy drugs for patients at the Kyiv City Cancer Center. The fund is located on Shelkovichnaya 39/1. This is the territory of Alexandrovskaya Clinical Hospital. Things are taken in Building 6 on the first floor. Phone: (063)232-31-47.

Charitable Foundation “Koshik of Kindness

If there is no possibility to take unnecessary things to the fund, you can leave them in special charity boxes. There are such in every district of the capital. Most of all – in Darnitsky and Obolonsky. You can bring clothes, soft toys, literature. They are picked up twice a week. The list of items is here.


Foundation of Darina Zholdak

The organization collects books for rural libraries and orphanages. So if you have unnecessary fairy tales, stories and children’s fiction lying around the house, bring it here. Books must be in good condition. The collection point is located in the building of the Central Library of the Solomenskiy district on Prosveshchenie Street, 14A.

Charity store “DieseSlovo”

You can return the books you read to Ukraine’s first charity store “DeeSlovo”. Here they will be sorted by genre, assigned a price, and sold at book events. For example, such as Book Arsenal. The proceeds from the sale go to charity. The store cooperates with the charitable foundation “Bail” and the “Dacha” center, which are in care of sick children.

Technology and car tires

Waste Management Center

Residents of Kiev, who have accumulated piles of electronic waste can take it free of charge to the Waste Management Center. It accepts computer mice, printers, laptops, non-working phones, wires, microwaves, kettles, blenders, and more. You can also dispose of fluorescent lamps, batteries and car tires. But you will have to pay to dispose of them. For each lamp – 5.80 UAH. For a kilo of batteries – 130 UAH. Tires – 40 hryvnias apiece. The center is located at 16 Shutova Street, on the territory of the “Analitprilad” plant. Working every day from 9:00 to 18:00. For more details, please call 098-043-03-03

From dresses to electronics: where to dispose of unnecessary things in Kiev - 3 - изображение

Environmental Investments

Several times a month, the company organizes collection points for office equipment and small electrical appliances from citizens. The service is chargeable. For each kilogram you have to pay 24 hryvnia. Dates and gathering places are published on the Facebook page.

Batteries, rechargeable batteries and paverbanks

Volunteer organization “Batteries, Surrender!”

Last year, the organization collected more than 140 thousand tons of batteries throughout Ukraine. And sent it to Romania for recycling. If you want to join – look for containers with the image of animals in the malls Epicenter, New Line, store Jysk, as well as gas station chain WOG. In the boxes you can leave finger and batteries – tablets, batteries from cell phones and laptops, paverbanks.

Рmercury thermometers, energy-saving lamps

Kiev Rescue Service

You can hand over unnecessary thermometers to the Kiev rescue service. It is located at 21 Vishgorodskaya Street. Works around the clock. Phone: (044)-430-37-13.

Hazardous waste containers

Energy-saving light bulbs and mercury thermometers can also be left in special containers. They are all over the city. Look for the nearest addresses here.

Text: Eugenia Vlasenko

Photo: Pexels

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