Zlata Ognevich: «I feel lightness and desire for new relationships»

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Famous singer on the May digital cover Zlata Ognevic winner of the show “Mask”, the main character of the project “Bachelorette” on STB and recently presented a song she dedicated to her future husband.

Does Zlata want a serious relationship and does she meet in social networks? What connects her and Ukrainian chef Eugene Klopotenko? What difficulties did the Mask Project encounter? Is body positivity about working on yourself? About this Woman editors talked to the artist.

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You were the winner of the show “Mask”. Changing characters, a variety of characters, behavior. Which image is the closest to you and which one did you have to work hard to completely reincarnate?

At the fitting I was stunned by the beauty of the Sun costume and gave myself the word that I would make it to the finale and reveal my character as much as possible. During the first broadcast, of course, I had to get used to the dimensions. Because of this, I almost fell a couple of times right in the shot, but no one noticed because I played it up.

The design is quite heavy, and I think that if you wear it for a long time, it will hurt my back. But it’s a matter of habit. From broadcast to broadcast I got used to my costume – and in the third program I was already sitting on the splits. It was a pity that the costumes could not be taken home and rehearsed in them, and even stayed on the set for extra hours. I only wore it during the dress rehearsal and for the broadcast itself. At the first broadcast I almost lost my golden helmet of the Sun, can you imagine? Apparently, I didn’t secure it properly and managed to catch it at the last second. If that had happened – and everyone had seen me, I certainly wouldn’t have gone any farther!

The number in which I sang Beyoncé’s Single Ladies was the most difficult for me. I had to dance in it from the first to the last second, and in the middle of the number I began to suffocate. And for the last 20 seconds I literally prayed that I wouldn’t faint, because I couldn’t breathe at all. I was moving very actively in this heavy suit, dancing, with minimal visibility. The costume was sewed for me by Lesya Patoka (Patoka studio), and it turned out to be the most expensive in the show. The headdress alone weighed about 5 kilograms, and the parts for the Sun costume were ordered from all over the world.

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You’ve been involved in different formats of the show. Would you like to take part in a project where the emphasis is on personal life? How do you feel about this format of building relationships? 

I feel a lightness and desire for a new relationship. I want to build my life differently and before a serious relationship learn more about a man than his musical and gastronomic preferences. If we’re talking about a public relationship that might be in the public eye, it’s hard for me to say at this point. More likely yes than no. By the way, I have a positive attitude to acquaintance in social networks. I even used the famous blogger Alexei Durnev to choose a guy and look for him just on Tinder. But most of all I like live communication or some unexpected meeting. I pay attention to intelligence first, and then to everything else. Although guys quite often send me their candid photos in directing with the hope of somehow attracting. I’ll tell you a secret: I can be attracted by intelligence.


You became the main character of the “Bachelorette” project. What are your expectations?

Being an artist often makes my relationships with men difficult. I always honestly warned that I could disappear on the set and on tour. And at the beginning of the relationship, the man accepted it. But over time, unfortunately, there was jealousy of my work and a demand to make choices. My journey toward myself began a year ago after a painful breakup of a relationship I thought was perfect. I really want a family, but people shouldn’t just dissolve into relationships. For me it is important to develop together as a couple when both the man and the woman have their own business in which they are wholeheartedly involved. That’s why I’m going on The Bachelorette, to meet the man of my dreams.”

In one of your interviews you said: “I’m not a family person. If I have to leave show business, I won’t be happy with my family. I don’t think about children at all”. At the same time, you recently premiered the track “I’m Your Odin”, which you dedicated to your future husband. Has your attitude toward family, marriage, and children changed?

The new single “I’m Your Odin” is authorial and hopefully autobiographical. I noticed that my songs tend to come true, so I decided to send my request to the Universe. She wrote a song as the soundtrack to her future wedding with the man of her dreams. Invited the Gospel vibes gospel choir, which is based in Kiev and works with many artists, including MONATIK, LOBODA. Alex Bogolyubov, a Ukrainian jazz musician and composer, worked on the choral parts. The brass part was recorded by the guys from the cult Ukrainian band Haidamaks. The single was recorded at two top studios, including Kaska records and Studio hub1. The sound producer is the famous Ukrainian musician and performer MORPHOM (he is also the sound producer of Jerry Heil). Although I used to have a different opinion about family, now I am sure: it is possible to combine your favorite profession with your family. On the contrary, it only adds strength and new opportunities.

The perfect wedding for you is.

I’d rather have a lavish party with lots of guests my husband and I don’t know than a crazy party with family and friends. Perhaps somewhere in Italy or Indonesia by the ocean. And instead of a princess dress, I’ll wear a handmade kimono and have fun until dawn.

The network also discusses your relationship with Eugene Klopotenko. Tell me a secret, did the date actually take place or not? What is your relationship like at the moment?

Our correspondence acquaintance took place during my acoustic concert in Marsa Alam. Although I was completely unaware that he and his friends had gone there. You could say the music was primary – and that’s very cool! But I met him personally in Kiev, when I visited the restaurant of contemporary Ukrainian cuisine “100 Years Ago”. It was truly a gastronomic delight, I just love delicious food and beautiful presentation! Gianni put on a real show of great food – and it was unforgettable. I am very impressed with talented and creative people. I’m glad that Eugene and I are good friends.

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“A woman’s strength is in gentleness and acceptance of herself…,” you write on Instagram. Is it really important to accept yourself as you are or is it still necessary to work on yourself, both internally and externally? 

I think there is psychological pressure on women from everywhere: how they should look, what they should wear and definitely strive for ideal body proportions. How many girls say to themselves, “I’m going to lose weight / have an operation – and then normal life will begin. And you have to live now, enjoying every moment! Although fans of the Body Positive trend and accused of laziness – they say that under this slogan hides a banal unwillingness to work on themselves. But I’ll say it again: society has changed, no one has to conform to someone else’s norms and standards. Everyone deserves the right to be themselves, and I fully support that idea. You know, I’ve noticed that we have a keen desire to be liked by men. European women are not worried about this, they have a very high self-esteem, which allows you to live fully and love yourself in all manifestations. When our social project “My Body is My Business” for the song “Goddess” came out, I felt an incredible response from the female audience! The girls sent very touching emails to the directive, shot their videos and thanked me for the motivational song. I have power – and I share it with my listener through music.

In your art you support the manifestation of the beauty of girls, regardless of the socially accepted framework. Who are you inspired by? 

Speaking of singers, I was influenced by the retro divas of the ’70s and ’80s with their beauty, power and charismatic stage presence: Dalida, Tina Turner, Donna Summer. Of the more modern ones, Whitney Houston is my favorite singer. Of the Ukrainian singers, I really like the independence of Alena Alena and the fantastic talent of Alina Pash. I am glad that the changes in society are consonant with the Ukrainian listener, there are new unique artists.

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Are there any actions you regret? 

I teach myself not to regret anything, to be thankful for everything that happens in my life. And in general, dissatisfaction with oneself only increases the inferiority complex. I’m learning to love and accept myself in all states. I even learned to praise myself for a lot of things – so it’s better to produce dopamine and helps to be in a good resource. Perhaps my only regret is that I did not heed my mother’s advice when I dyed my hair blond. She told me I would totally mess up my hair, but I really wanted to experiment. Over time, I returned to my natural color, and from the image of a blonde left lightness and a drop of craziness.

How do you keep in shape? Do you participate in the traditional women’s “lose weight by summer” Challenge? 

In order not to lose weight by summer, you just have to not eat in winter. I rarely think about it at all. In my life there is always sports, healthy eating and various activities. Speaking of weight, I don’t keep it in check to win the Miss Universe pageant. I like to take care of my body because it brings pleasure and health. My secret is simple: I drink a lot of water, eat vegetables every day, and gave up meat and dairy products a long time ago. Only rarely do I allow myself Parmesan, because it is a live fermented product. You are what you eat and what you think about. I choose love and care.

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How do you spend your leisure time during quarantine restrictions? Do you plan to travel to countries that are open to Ukrainians? 

The team and I vacationed together in Egypt in January and did a series of acoustic concerts. It is terribly inconvenient to observe quarantine restrictions, so I have no particular desire to travel now. Travel is freedom in the first place. And what kind of freedom can we talk about if I have to wear a mask everywhere, constantly pass tests (very painful) and listen to disgruntled grumbling around? I will have enough work this summer, and I plan to take my next vacation in January. Maybe by then the situation will have improved, and I’ll be gone on vacation.

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Three things that help you keep the light inside you?

Music always points the way for me. Whenever I don’t understand something, I sit down at the piano, start playing, and meditate that way. The second is a family that is there for you and will always support you. And the main thing – in the most difficult times I repeat as a mantra: as long as I breathe and my heart beats, life goes on, I am strong, brave and always achieve the goal!

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Text: Maria Holotiy

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