Daryl Tufekci: “Trust is the main anchor of any relationship.

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Famous Instagram, TikTok , YouTube-blogger Daryl Tufekci in an exclusive interview for Woman Magazine told how his work in social networks began, life in Ukraine, and shared his values in relationships.

Derel, tell me, how did you come up with the idea to create a blog on Instagram,  your TikTok , YouTube channels? How do you think they differ from other blogs and social media channels?

For me it all started with TikTok, I made my first money in social networks on this platform. I was the fastest user to get 200,000 subscribers, back then it was called Musical.ly. I knew YouTube played an important role in the lives of bloggers and influencers,  it was the next step for me. I started by playing a prank on my girlfriend and videotaping it.

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You shoot most of your videos together with your spouse, Alena Venum, who is also a famous blogger. Where do you most often get ideas for their creation, often argue before or during the filming process? How do you come to  compromise?

I’m glad my wife is a youtuber. I always come up with my own ideas, but we often improvise or add new ideas during filming.

What was the most unusual thing that prompted you to create the video? And which video was the hardest for you to create?

I have a video on YouTube called Nerds vs. Rockers. It was hard to shoot because me, Alena and two of our friends had to play two different characters, sometimes in the same frame, and it was hard to edit the video. 

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How quickly did you get used to life in Ukraine? What do you like in our country, and what, on the contrary, is surprising?

I spent two years in Ukraine, I love the people here, especially now that I’ve learned Russian it’s so much easier. When I walk down the street, I always get hugs from our subscribers and say very warm and friendly wishes. The only thing I don’t like about Ukraine are the roads, and I still don’t understand how people can love lard (laughs).

Derel, would you like to apply your acting skills to a big movie? Any plans to develop in this direction?

Absolutely! I think it’s harder for me to show my real acting potential when we’re shooting in Russian, because I have to focus not only on “acting,” but also on the correct pronunciation of each word. People always associate me with Aquaman, a name I’ve been called for a long time. I would probably call him if I were playing a big male character in a movie.

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How do you like to spend your free time with your spouse? Do you often manage to arrange romantic dates and make surprises?

When we had Skyler (daughter – editorial note), we had even less free time for ourselves. Nevertheless, there are always romantic surprises, but mostly we spend our free time in the bedroom (smiles).

What is the most important thing for you in a relationship between a man and a woman, and what will you categorically not tolerate?

The most important thing in a relationship for me is trust and fidelity, of course, besides love. Trust is one of the main anchors that hold a relationship together, and without it, it won’t last.  And I will not tolerate betrayal.

How has life changed with the arrival of your daughter? What is the hardest and most enjoyable thing about fatherhood for you?

Life has changed a lot since we found out that Alena was pregnant. I realized that the two of us would be gone: everything would be different, the house we lived in, travel, plans for the future, and so on. The hardest thing for me was waking up at 5 a.m. to change diapers. Thank God we have a nanny now, and that helps us a lot.

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Derel, are most creative people self-critical? And how developed is this quality in you, and do you listen to criticism from others?

I want everyone to be objective about themselves. I know I’m trying. I’m always looking at things from different angles and criticizing myself. I listen to feedback from the outside – from people whose opinions are important to me. But I don’t take criticism from people seriously if they think they “always know better.” A brief example: when I first started dating Alena, Instagram often wrote “Ruslan is better” comments all over the place. There will always be haters, no matter what you do, and you choose how it affects you. It doesn’t bother me.

Continuing with the theme of character traits, what traits are you proud of, which ones help you achieve your goals, and which ones would you like to work on?

One of my main personality traits is patience and calmness. I trained physically and mentally for a long time to stay calm and positive even in the most stressful situations. Also very dedicated and goal-oriented: if I want something, I’ll do it one way or another.

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The highlight of 2020, and what would you like to have accomplished before it’s over?

In 2020, the grand events that changed my life happened: the birth of Skyler and my marriage. Also this year we bought a house and a new car. I don’t think anything could be more important than that.

Author: Tatyana Zaitseva

Photo: personal archive

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