Baba Dasha: “My family and I have achieved everything ourselves.

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Lose weight from vines – an unexpected phrase, but not on the page
. An instablogger with an audience of many thousands makesHe is a great fan of the fact that he cheers up his subscribers and jokes vitally about the everyday life of a modern girl. But behind the scenes Daria is not just a blonde with charisma, but also a businesswoman, mother of two sons and loving wife. How to never forget to smile, maintain a healthy sense of humor and inspire others with it – the blogger told Woman in an interview.

Daria, why is it possible to lose weight from your vines, as you write in the bio blog?

It is scientifically proven that laughter produces energy. It also speeds up the metabolism(smiles). So I hope my viewers will laugh from my vines and end up burning 20 percent more calories.

Where do the images for new videos come to you from? Are there any prototypes?

Usually all the images come from life, such adventures met, and more than once. Especially funny situations are similar to the lives of my female clients. If these are some vines about family life, I think everyone has made fun of something like this. I decided to make a video about it.

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What are the most popular videos on your page?

The most popular video on my page is still “Mistress of the Store”, which shows the other side of the business. Well, in general, my subscribers really like the images of Petrovna, the granny – “lighter”, and the image of Mashka the haggler.

How did you first decide to make a vignette? What was he like?

I started making vines a long time ago, about a year and a half ago. We  mocked some situations in the trade at the time – customers, salespeople. That’s how the idea for the video came about.

Why did you decide to run an Instagram video page? Isn’t TikTok more adapted for this now?

I’ve been posting vines on Instagram for a long time, there was no TikTok before. Now that it’s here, we’re trying to develop TikTok as well. I post videos there, too, and I have almost 31,000 subscribers already. They all did it themselves, no one forced anyone(laughs). I did not order advertising, they started subscribing themselves after our videos.

Your videos also sometimes have a part for your husband and sons. How did you first decide to involve them in filming?

I once came up with a vine, and I needed actors for it. Of course, I had to ask my husband and children(smiles). The kids were always interested, my husband had to ask nicely. And then he got so into it that he even likes it now!

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Do you consider yourself a strict or loyal mom?

I’m probably the more loyal mom. I confess that my dad is more involved in raising the boys. How can I make a difference? I can pet, cuddle, treat you to some goodies. After all, more of our men are brought up by Dad.

You are one among three men in the house. Dreaming of having a daughter?

I’d like to try my hand at being a daughter’s mom, but I don’t have any such plans yet. But if it works out, if God allows us to, we’ll be very happy.

In what order should a modern woman realize herself: motherhood first, and then self-realization, or vice versa?

I began to realize myself first in motherhood and then in business. My opinion is that being a mom is very important for any woman. And there is always time to do business! Especially until the age of five, a child really needs his mother.

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You are not shy about creative experimentation and new unexpected images online. What do you think is the main obstacle for someone to take their first step toward publicity?

The first obstacle is the fear of criticism. I, too, had some criticism in the beginning, some haters, some angry comments. Then I realized that the opinion of these people meant nothing to me. I stopped being afraid and continued to develop. I only take into account the opinion of my loved ones and people who are my authority.

You rarely see direct advertising on your page. Do you not take it or do you just seamlessly “weave” it into the content?

There are advertisements. I try to do it unobtrusively, but you can still see it. I have a lot of commercials, at least three a day. We can’t do it any other way, people are begging. I’m already booked up for three weeks, even though I raised my prices. But people want to and are asking for it.

How much income does your blog bring you each month?

Income does not bring any so far, because all the money from advertising, I invest every penny in the further development of the blog, so that more people know about us.

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You also do business on the Internet in the field of commerce. Does blog fame help you grow your business?

I first became an entrepreneur, I tried to grow my business through advertising. I became curious about the field of promotion, why people subscribe to blogs, and why advertisers order ads from them. Although, in fact, some people shoot commercials at a slapdash pace and take money for it. For me, it was incomprehensible at all. I wondered if I could try to be a blogger, shoot quality ads, so that I could have my ads scheduled weeks in advance. And I did it. And now the blog is starting to bring in income, which helps me in business.

What is your goal as a blogger?

The goal is to spread positivity. I don’t have any negativity or discussion at all on my blog. I want to give people a cool example of an ordinary positive family, that we are just Dasha and Sasha from Novomoskovsk, from a small town. My family and I have achieved everything by ourselves, we’re spinning our own business without the help of my mom, dad, or any sponsors. And most importantly, I want people on my page to relax and be charged with positive emotions(smiles).

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