Lera Borodina revealed what she is hiding from her husband Andrei Shabanov

Lera Borodina revealed what she is hiding from her husband Andrei Shabanov - 1 - изображение

Masha Efrosinina’s YouTube channel has a new interview, which, as always, was a revelation. This time the founder of the dress rental service Oh My Look! and co-founder of the G.Bar beauty space, mother of two daughters and wife of Andrei Shabanov, Lera Borodina.

The couple has been living in a civil marriage for seven years. However, until now, Lera has her own secrets, of which Andrei is not aware.

During the interview, when it came to the distribution of the family budget, Borodina admitted that for a long time it was difficult for her to discuss issues related to money with her man.

Lera Borodina revealed what she is hiding from her husband Andrei Shabanov - 2 - изображение

– In my life with men I have always had separate budgets. There is such a thing, except for a small period of relationship with Anton (Anton Lirnik – ex-husband of Lera Borodina, they have a daughter Sonechka – editor’s note). When I went on maternity leave and didn’t work, I realized I was spending his money. Separate budgets are definitely not a men’s problem, but mine. I always wanted to show that I’m self-sufficient, strong woman, and suffered a lot from it … – shares Borodina. – With Andrei (Andrei Shabanov – presenter of Novy Channel, showman, CEO of “Prosto Radi.O”) we have been living together for more than seven years. We have separate budgets. And I’m an entrepreneur, and so is he. So we have plans for the money we make. I understand that this money is for our family business, and this money I give back to my business. All matters concerning the family, the house, and vacations are mostly Andrei’s responsibility. There are things that we have discussed beforehand. For example, Andrew pays for a nanny and a woman who helps around the house. And I have school and kindergarten.

As a reminder, Lera Borodina is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in our country! Its business extends far beyond Ukraine: G.Vagon is open in the U.S., Kazakhstan, Poland. She built her life and achieved success on her own. That’s why it was so nice to hear the unexpected admission that some of the costs the girl deliberately downplayed.

– Andrei is an alpha male. It is important for him to cover all the costs. The only place I can win back is in hotels! For me, it’s very important what kind of life we live in. Andrew doesn’t always know how much he’s worth. Sometimes I’m ashamed to admit how much I’ve spent. No, I always tell you how much it’s worth, but sometimes I understate it a little,” Lera continues with a laugh.

In response to the revelation of her guest, Masha admitted that it is still difficult for her to discuss with her husband the issue of the budget.

– I’m a person who can discuss any topic with anyone, but when it comes to talking to my husband about the budget, my language becomes like plastic. I’m afraid of some disappointments or manifestations that will be difficult for me to live through.

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