Rating 2023: the most popular summer vacation destinations

Rating 2023

Rating 2023: summer vacation destinations

Summer is the time when the world of tourism comes to life, and the traveler’s soul feels an irresistible need to explore new lands, cultures and exotic places. And while the fresh discoveries of the Asia-Pacific region have shaken up the tourism world, European destinations are still firmly in the lead. Today, we are going to look at the rating of 2023 most popular summer vacation destinations, which will help you find the perfect location for your unforgettable vacation.

Among the winners, Bangkok, located in Thailand, is undoubtedly worth noting – a city that attracts with its exoticism and diversity of culture. Charming Paris, the city of love and romance, continues to maintain its distinction and takes the second position. No less fascinating is London, the majestic city of Great Britain, which ranks third.

Also among the leaders were exotic Denpasar in Indonesia, the architectural beauty of Barcelona in Spain, energetic New York in the United States, sophisticated Lisbon in Portugal, charming Istanbul in Turkey, lively Madrid, also in Spain, and cozy Athens in Greece.

This rating is not just a list of places to stay, but a real travel guide. So make your routes, choose your destinations, and immerse yourself in unforgettable travels!

Photo: Pexel

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