Increase in electricity tariffs from June 1

Increase in electricity tariffsThe Cabinet of Ministers approved a new tariff, raising electricity tariffs for households. The price will be up to UAH 2.64 from June 1. This was announced by Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko during a telethon. He explained that the large-scale campaign to repair and restore the power grids damaged by Russian shelling, which is currently underway, requires funding.

“We have also lost a large amount of generating capacity, which was used to support the preferential tariff… Today the situation is really critical. We have been looking for different options to prepare for the next heating season. If we do not do this now, we will have problems with electricity next winter and will not be able to prepare for it,” Galushchenko emphasized.

Increase in electricity tariffs from June 1 - 1 - изображение

Increase in electricity tariffs

There are currently three tariffs in Ukraine: two “social” tariffs for households and one market-based tariff for businesses.

   Household consumers who use less than 250 kWh per month pay UAH 1.44 per kWh, those who use more than – UAH 1.68 per kWh.

Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: pexels

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