Famous Ukrainian athletes who chose men’s sports

Ukrainian women who chose men's sportsSome women prefer men’s sports, such as football, boxing, basketball, wrestling, etc. For many of them, this is a way to feel stronger and develop their physical abilities in a competitive environment, as well as to open up new opportunities for women in the world of sports. We have compiled a list of famous Ukrainian women who have chosen men’s sports and have never regretted it:

Larysa Solovyova is the strongest woman on the planet

Larysa Solovyova is a Ukrainian athlete whose name is already inscribed in the world history of powerlifting. Since 2005, she has been considered the strongest woman in the world. As a child, Larysa used to go in for gymnastics, and after the section was closed at her sports school, she started going to the gym to keep fit. There she was offered to try her hand at the men’s sport of powerlifting.


Vladyslava Skashchuk – leading scorer of the Ukrainian women’s national hockey team

Kharkiv’s Vladyslava Skashchuk is the champion of Ukraine and has twice been recognized as the best striker. At the beginning of 2019, she played a significant role in the World Championship in Division IIB, where she scored four goals against her opponents. She built her career as a hockey player abroad, and after a while returned to her native Ukraine.


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Oleksandra Radulovich is a star of Ukrainian basketball

In 2004, she was named the most promising basketball player in the Old World. Oleksandra Radulovych is a player of the Ukrainian national team with experience in the Hungarian and Spanish championships, and the first basketball player to become the best athlete in Europe among juniors and youth in one season. However, in 2021, Oleksandra ended her sports career. 

Ukrainian women who chose men’s sports: Natalia Mazur – Ukrainian rugby player

Natalia Mazur is a Ukrainian rugby player, a member of the Ukrainian national rugby sevens team. In 2018, the national team took second place at the European Rugby Championship, which took place in Dnipro, Ukraine. 

Lidia Gunko – the first Ukrainian bobsledder to participate in the Olympics

Lidia Gunko is the only girl in Ukraine who conquers the monobob. Although Lydia is not new to sports, she used to row and won a bronze medal at the European Junior Championships, and has been competing in strongwoman tournaments for a long time, taking second place at the World’s Strongest Woman-2016 and Arnold-2017.


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Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: pexels

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