Alena Omargalieva united the voices of Ukrainian women

Alena OmargalievaAlena Omargalieva’s new work is filled with both longing and faith in a longed-for, soon-to-be-meeting. In the video, the girl appears alone in the middle of the forest – there, in his stretched sweater and with her wedding ring on a chain, she experiences the whole range of emotions, the main one being  loyalty to her love. 

Alyona invited women who are currently separated from their loved ones, fathers and brothers because of the war to record the track. The sensual and emotional combination of voices in the song pierces through. 

Alena Omargalieva united the voices of Ukrainian women - 1 - изображение

singer Alena Omargalieva

According to the singer, she wrote the song “On the Edge” at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, when she and her son were living in Poland, and her husband and stage partner Tamerlan joined the territorial defense forces and defended his native land together with the Armed Forces.

“When he’s out there somewhere and you don’t know what’s wrong with him, it’s very hard on your soul. It seems that you are alone in the whole world, alone with your fears. All that remains is to believe and wait. I went through this myself, and I know that today these feelings are close to Ukrainian women all over the world. I want the song “On the Edge” to be a support and a source of strength for each of us,” said Alena Omargalieva.

Alena Omargalieva united the voices of Ukrainian women - 2 - изображение

singer Alena Omargalieva

The singer performed “On the Edge” live for the first time at a charity concert held in the main hall of the Kyiv Central Railway Station. The song sounded especially sensual in the place where exciting farewells and touching reunions take place. The concert was attended by random passengers waiting for their trains, some of whom were moved to tears by the singer’s performance.

Alena Omargalieva united the voices of Ukrainian women - 3 - изображение

Alena Omargalieva

On TikTok, the singer’s track reflected the story of women being separated from their defenders. In just a few days, more than 6,000 videos were shot on it.


Photo: press service

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