Premiere of “I’m Your Drug” by Quest Pistols

Quest Pistols

The cult Ukrainian bandQuest Pistols pleased us again supporters. This t time, the artists presented a Ukrainian-language version of the super hit “I’m Your Drug” and surprised with a 3D video for the song.

Three months ago, after the official reunion of the golden team, Anton SavlepovKonstantin Borovsky and Nikita Goryuk presented the song “You Are Incredible”.

The song resonated with the public and is still on the top of the charts on digital platforms. Quest Pistols decided not to take a long pause and today released a new work – “I Am Your Drug”. Both versions of the song were written by the band’s co-founder and music producer Oleksandr Chemerov.

Premiere of I'm Your Drug by Quest Pistols - 1 - изображение

гурт Quest Pistols

An alternative universe

In the new work, the band offers to plunge into an alternative universe Quest Pistols and feel the energy that the band shares with everyone at their concerts. A remake of the song “I am Yours Narcotic”, in Ukrainian, was first performed in Batumi, during a charity tour in support of Ukraine, which the band is currently on. After receiving favorable reviews, the artists almost immediately made a studio recording of the Ukrainian version and a video for it.

The meaning of the song has remained and is still relevant today, because the song speaks of the strongest, almost sick love, which drives a person crazy and can replace any affection. It is this powerful radical attitude that unites Ukrainians in this extremely difficult time.

Premiere of I'm Your Drug by Quest Pistols - 2 - изображение

“I am your drug”

“We translate all our top hits into Ukrainian. “I am your drug,” “Revolution,” “From Heaven to Earth” – they sound vivid! We have always secretly sewn high meanings into our pop culture-punk songs. Although few people believed it, but at that time 10 years ago we were really at full Healthy lifestyles (although there was no such term yet), were interested in Vedic culture and promoted a meaningful way of life. Through their songs, they brought style, sex and meanings. That’s why they attracted the attention of girls at all levels. «Я Твій Наркотик» не виключення. I am your drug – I am your Love. There is a choice. “Love” for all of us now has a capital letter. Love is crazy, demolishing obstacles and changing the rules of the game. We feel that this dynamic track corresponds to the mood of today,” said Anton Savlepov..

Clip cartoon

The video for the song “I Am Your Drug” deserves special attention. The work was created in the form of a cartoon using 3D graphics. In the animated video, the musicians repeated the version of the insanely popular video “I Yours. Drug, which fans first saw 13 years ago.

“In my opinion, at some point Quest Pistols has become more than just a boy band Band. We were lucky enough to release hit after hit, and not fade away immediately after “I tired”. I always had a dream of creating an alternative universe Quest Pistols and make an ironic animated series about the life of the famous krazy pop band. Perhaps our 3D expansion is the first step towards the realization of this strange and naive idea.” – shared Anton Savlepov..

As a reminder, in December 2022, the band Quest Pistols has returned to the original lineup of the supergroup: Anton Savlepov, Konstantin Borovsky and Nikita Goryuk.. This was made possible in cooperation with by the label “PAPA music“. The band is currently on tour in Europe. On April 1, on the stage Retro Music Hall will celebrate its 16th anniversary in Prague.

Photo: press service

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