“People”: premiere of the joint video work by MamaRika and KOLA

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The lyrical soul of KOLA and the sensual MamaRika  presented a video for the song “People” dedicated to all Ukrainians who are currently living through the most difficult moments of their lives. Scattered in different countries, separated for an indefinite time, and some, unfortunately, forever, without any understanding of what tomorrow will be like, but with a powerful faith in their country and in each other. All these people are still strong, do not lose heart, and fight to the last for what they want.

The video uses real footage from the war. These are chronicles of the events that took place in our country from February 24, 2022 to the present day: true heroism and a manifestation of unity, humanity, and self-sacrifice. The video evokes a whirlwind of emotions, as it is extremely touching and evokes painful memories. It is impossible to watch this work without crying.

“This song is about people. It’s about ordinary Ukrainians who, thanks to their strength of spirit and resilience, turned into titans. Such an unshakable force can only appear when you do something good for someone and think not only about yourself. Giving and not asking for anything in return is rare, but nowadays it is very common among Ukrainians. I am proud of our people, and I thank everyone who brings us closer to victory every day, as well as those who, unfortunately, are no longer with us, but did everything to ensure that we, Ukrainians, live in a free country! 
Ukrainians, always cherish the person for whom you will never be ashamed and who will change this world for the better, because we are an incredible, strong nation,”KOLA commented on the premiere.
On February 24, it will be exactly one year since the enemy’s full-scale invasion of our country and nine years since we have been defending our lands and the right to live freely. It is our people who are the most precious treasure of the nation, who repel the enemy every minute and set an example for the whole world with their unity. Every Ukrainian is a great soul who is living his or her own history right now. But at the same time, we are all united by one dream, like a chain… A dream that is permeated with blood and tears, daily heroism, titanic work, pain and faith in victory!
Strong, unbreakable, real, dear, beautiful, hardworking people, this song is about you and for you. About everyone whose heart beats faster when they hear the word “home”. Listen with your heart”MamaRika shared.

The song is available on all platforms.

Photo: press service

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