Ukrainian doctors will be taught English for free

Ukrainian doctors will be taught English for free - 1 - изображение
More than 10 thousand Ukrainian doctors will be able to take a free English course as part of the English-speaking Doctor program. This was reported by the course organizers.

According to the Axemedin educational platform, the level of English language proficiency among Ukrainian doctors is less than 8%. This makes it impossible to consume the latest medical content from original sources, mainly American and European, which leads to a lag in knowledge relative to the global medical community and an increase in medical errors.

To remedy this situation, the Health of the Ukrainian People Foundation has announced the launch of the English-speaking Doctor program, which will provide more than 10,000 doctors with a free basic English course. Part of the program was developed with the help of the Pasha English online tutorial.

What does the program include

The full course consists of 20 lessons, which are divided into several parts: constructions on grammar and vocabulary topics to practice phrase construction and two types of dialogues (detailed with translation and animated in real time). The program also includes the use of educational texts, memorization words, and educational songs performed by Ukrainian stars.

How to participate

To get free access to the basic block, doctors need to register on the Axemedin platform, fill out their own profile, and pass verification. After that, you will be able to join the English-speaking Doctor community and start learning.

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