“24.02”: we win the war by reading

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“24.02” is a war diary of the Ukrainian writer Andriy Meronik, who presented Ukrainian contemporary literature at the Frankfurt Book Fair and from the very beginning positioned himself as a book that is not for sale, but exchanged for donation. It is not surprising that Ukrainians so enthusiastically supported this literary initiative and both copies of the book were sold out in a matter of days.

The main story of the author is complemented by the stories of 38 Ukrainians who shared their experiences. Among them are bloggers, businessmen, photographers, volunteers, famous artists and others. Many of them are well known to you: Dasha Astafieva, Kateryna Kukhar, Tayanna, Roxolana and others.

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Therefore, the war diary not only stunned the readers with its frankness and sincerity, but also revealed some intimate details of the first days of the war in the life of Ukrainian stars.

The highlight of the project was that all the funds raised from sales were directed to various charitable organizations. Ukrainians warmly took the opportunity not only to “donate”, but also to receive a pleasant reward for it – a symbolic book with no less symbolic name.

As a result, the first edition allowed the project team led by the author Andriy Meronik to send UAH 108,000 to the accounts of charitable organizations. The second issue broke this record and the amount of voluntary contributions reached UAH 250,000.

In the wake of popularity, it was decided to add even more stories to the book, so new co-authors have already taken part in writing the third edition, including Volodymyr Ostapchuk, Garik Korogodsky, Anna Neplyakh, Michel Andrade, Volodymyr Dantes, Jean Beleniuk, Pavlo Zibrov, Victor Pavlik and others.

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“24.02” is a book about the invincibility of Ukrainians despite all the destruction, change of views, frank thoughts, experiences and hope for the future.

We are waiting for the third edition and more new stories from Ukrainians!

You can get acquainted with the project and exchange your donation for a book on the official pages

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