Iryna Soponaru about a foreign lover and motherhood

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Iryna Soponaru, the star of the TV series “Once Upon a Time in Poltava” told in an interview with “Life of Famous People” that her heart is busy and whether she is thinking about a wedding.

About life abroad

In February, air and internal causes of anxiety forced the people’s favorite to pause her harmonious life in the Motherland and go nowhere.

“I didn’t cry, I wasn’t emotional, I was just very scared. I went to Romania. And after that we went to London, to my sister.”

The only thing that Iryna was enthusiastic about there were actions designed to draw the world’s attention to the war in Ukraine. And in the summer, Iryna finally returned home.

“The morning I woke up in my bed in Kyiv was the best morning of my life. The first time I went to Kyiv, I cried so much while driving, when I passed these unassembled roadblocks, these hedgehogs.”

Previously, Iryna always saved herself from negative emotions with work. This time, not for the first time in her life, this method did not work, because the actress had no work. But she came up with it anyway – she created her own YouTube channel “Soponaru TV”, where the project “Give it to Zelenskyi!” is broadcast.

“I dreamed about him for a long time, but somehow I couldn’t get my hands on it. He’s charging me now.”

About a beloved man

But Irina met her love, the British Reese, in Kyiv a year and a half ago.

“At that time, he had already lived in Kyiv for a year. And he loves Ukraine very much, he moved here because he wanted to move to Kyiv. I myself do not understand why so, the second Briton in my life.”

Almost immediately, the couple began to live together. Iryna admits that the rapid pace of development of the relationship did not scare her at all.

“It was not difficult for me. I was alone for a long time after my last relationship. And I was already so worried that it would be difficult for me to be with someone, basically, because I’m used to being alone.”

And later I got to know my parents. The meeting with the future mother-in-law did not scare her in the least.

“I didn’t have such anxiety: “Oh, what if they don’t like me?”. First of all, why should they not like me? I am a woman who loves their son very much. I was not ready for the wedding for a very long time. Now it has come.”

About wedding plans

Although Iryna does not hide it, she is not ready to go to the crown now.

“At the moment, no. Well, I want it to be a holiday in the full sense of the word. To make everyone happy and celebrate, you know. And no – God forbid that there would be no siren!”.

About motherhood 

Until he dares to embody  the actress also has another desire in her life – motherhood.

“I never said I was childfree, I just wasn’t ready to give birth on my own. And now I’m ready. But I am very afraid to give birth to them in this world because of what is happening now.”

Moreover, Iryna sincerely thinks about the fact that she is ready to give her motherly love to a child who was deprived of it. The actress also told her lover about her intentions.

“He is ready for dialogue. I put this conversation on hold, because, in principle, it is impossible to implement. When the time comes, I will return to this conversation. I do not reject this idea, that maybe it will happen. So. But now I’m just plain scared.”

But he knows for sure that he sees his future and the future of his family in Ukraine.

Full interview with Iryna Soponaru on the ZhVL YouTube channel .

Photo: TET press service

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