Ukrainian Aphrodite in the new DARJA DONEZZ SS23 lookbook


Ukrainian designer Darja Donezz presented the lookbook of her collection spring-summer 2023 inspired by ancient legends and outstanding female images. The artist’s interest in ancient aesthetics is not accidental. Legends, myths, fairy tales… The world is cyclical, and history always repeats itself. Each era has its own goddesses, wars, transformations and victories.

In Greek mythology, Venus – Aphrodite, escaping with her son Eros from Typhon, threw herself into the water and escaped by swimming across the river and turning into fish.

“It’s amazing, but now my children and I are in Portugal, in a country whose history is connected with seafaring and fishing. Therefore, for me, the new collection is a connection between the past and the present. This is the hope of returning home and thanks to the country in which my family found refuge,” says the Ukrainian designer. 

Spectacular embroidery and artistic prints are traditionally present in the collection. The palette is aristocratically noble: black, shades of sand and pearls, dusty blue, inky. Key pieces: feminine dresses, matching silk top and skirt sets, sheer tunics and leggings, jackets with stylized lace-up backs, signature suits, buff-sleeved crop tops and feminine knitwear.

Photo: Anastasiya Borianaz (Fashion Office)

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