Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022

Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022 - 1 - изображение

The most difficult and tragic UFW International Season SS23 is over. 2022 is the year of the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian Fashion Week. This year was supposed to be a year of celebrating modern fashion in Ukraine as an inseparable part of the original and thriving Ukrainian culture, but February 24 changed the life of every Ukrainian.

The UFW team launched the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative. As part of the Initiative, we appealed to fashion weeks in Europe and the USA to support Ukrainian designers and Ukrainian Fashion Week in this extremely difficult time. 

Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022 - 2 - изображение

Iryna Danilevska, co-founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week

“Ukrainian designers found the strength during the war to create new collections to tell the world about Ukrainian resilience and courage, as well as to show Ukrainian national identity through fashion. We are deeply grateful to our colleagues from Europe and the USA: Malta Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Budapest Central European Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Transilvania Fashion Festival, Vienna Fashion Week, MBFWMadrid, Brussels Fashion Week and Vegan Fashion Week (Los Angeles) who supported us.  In this difficult time for Ukraine and the whole world, fashion is not only about diversity, inclusiveness, stability and freedom. Fashion demonstrates solidarity,” says Iryna Danylevska, co-founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

For nine fashion weeks, they supported the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative from the UFW and presented the collections of Ukrainian designers within the fashion shows and in digital formats. This gave an opportunity to 43 Ukrainian brands, 37 well-known and 6 new ones, to present their collections and save the SS23 season. Save your companies, teams, businesses.

Malta Fashion Week

UFW International Season SS23 kicked off with NADYA DZYAK’s show at Malta Fashion Week. The brand’s iconic pleat used in this collection was produced by an enterprise in the city of Kharkiv, which is now permanently under shelling

Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022 - 3 - изображение

NADYA DZYAK brand show at Malta Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week

As part of the official schedule of events and presentations, Copenhagen Fashion Week presented a fashion film by the Ukrainian brand the COAT. The location of the shooting is the Museum in Pirogov – a treasure of folk architecture and everyday life of Ukraine under the open sky with all historical and ethnographic regions of the country.

Budapest Central European Fashion Week

At the Budapest Central European Fashion Week, nine Ukrainian designers presented their collections. Ukrainian brands GUDU and DARJA DONEZZ presented SS23 collections as part of individual shows, STARCHAK, KIR KHARTLEY, SIDLETSKIY, LISABO and YADVIGA NETYKSHA presented capsule collections as part of the Ukrainian Collective Show, POUSTOVIT and  AISENBERG DENIM were presented in the showroom. While this is not the first collaboration between BCEFW and the UFW, this season’s partnership was the largest.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

The show of the Ukrainian brand BOBKOVA became the first in the official schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. The brand presented a collection inspired by blooming chestnuts on Khreshchatyk – designer Khrystyna Bobkova dedicated the color palette of the collection to the floral symbol of Kyiv.  Six finalists of the All-Ukrainian competition of young designers “LOOK TO THE FUTURE” took part in Neo.Fashion, a unique platform for promoting young talents within Berlin Fashion Week. 

Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022 - 6 - изображение

BOBKOVA show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Shows of young Ukrainian designers APSARA, DIMA MAKEEV, PANOVE and SHEEZEN took place at the Transilvania Fashion Festival, as part of a meeting of representatives of the European Fashion Council in honor of the organization’s 15th anniversary.

Vienna Fashion Week

Ukrainian brand VOROZHBYT&ZEMSKOVA presented the SS23 collection at Vienna Fashion Week. The collection was created during the war in Kyiv. Part of the production of the famous Ukrainian brand is still engaged in the production of clothes for defenders of Ukraine.

Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022 - 7 - изображение

VOROZHBYT&ZEMSKOVA at Vienna Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid also joined the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative and presented fashion films and digital shows of Ukrainian designers DZHUS, DOMANOF, FROLOV, GUDU, LITKOVSKA, the COAT, NADYA DZYAK, OVERALL, ENNO, UFEG and PUSHKA School at the official website of the Week.

Brussels Fashion Week

Eleven Ukrainian designers presented their SS23 collections at Brussels Fashion Week: GASANOVA, JULIYA KROS, DZHUS, OVERALL, AISENBERG, FINCH, SAYYA, GURANDA, UBERLOVE, CHUPRINA and SVITLO. The participation of 11 designers from Ukraine took place with the support of the EBRD and Switzerland within the framework of the EBRD Small Business Promotion Fund.

Vegan Fashion Week

The final event of UFW International Season SS23 was a unique show of Ukrainian sustainable brands at Vegan Fashion Week. Eleven Ukrainian designers including CHERESHNIVSKA, DZHUS, HOUSE MARTIN, GOROHOVA, OCHIS, OVERSIZED, ROUSSIN, SHEEZEN, PALINGENESY, DEVOHOME and REVICLO participated in a joint show during VFW in Los Angeles. which took place under the slogan “Sympathy” and witnessed unprecedented support of Ukrainian designers. 

Results of the military Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022 - 10 - изображение

ROUSSIN brand show at Vegan Fashion Week

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues and this calls into question the traditional holding of Ukrainian Fashion Week at the beginning of February in Kyiv. The UFW team is currently working on the format for next season and hopes for continued international support.

Photo: UFW

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