The author of the hit “Garno tak” CHEEV has released a new track


CHEEV is the pseudonym of Vlad Chyzhikov, an author and performer of his own songs from Minsk, who sings in Ukrainian and Belarusian. He became famous outside of Belarus in 2018, when he reached the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, but lost the right to represent the country to singer Alekseev. In the same year, CHEEV discovered the Ukrainian pop scene and, falling in love with it, released a number of original covers of such artists as Monatik, The Hardkiss, TAYANNA, MamaRika, Maruv and others. This path led the performer to participate in the talent show “Voice of the Country”, where he so impressed the jury with his vocal data that Dima Monatik and Dan Balan competed for his candidacy in their team. 

Since 2019, CHEEV began releasing solo songs in Ukrainian, and at the end of 2021, his full-fledged debut album “Drama” was released. It was on this album that the track “Garno tak” was published, which a few months later became a real hit on social networks: from TikTok to Instagram Reels. Having entered all possible charts of streaming platforms not only in Ukraine, but also throughout Europe, CHEEV released its new potential hit – “Dreaming”. 

The author of the hit Garno tak CHEEV has released a new track - 1 - изображение

The artist considers this track a logical continuation of “Garno tak”, which has become his signature. “Dreaming” is performed in CHEEV’s signature style: it combines a catchy “ballad” melody and deep lyrics about the singer’s inner feelings. According to him, this song is about a person’s feelings after parting, when a new stage in life has not yet begun, and the ghosts of the past continue to catch up. 


“I was inspired to create the track “Dreaming” by the concept of Christopher Nolan’s film “Inception”, about the different levels of dreams that people are in. Sometimes even nightmares are easier to be in than in reality. But, after all, “Dreaming” is a love song, it conveys the palette of feelings that a person experiences after separation, putting an end to a relationship.

Photo: press service of the singer

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