“Warriors of Light”: art project by the artist Max Vityk

Warriors of light

On October 2, the charity art project “Warriors of Light” by the Ukrainian-American artist Max Vityk will open in the Kyiv Art Gallery National Museum. 

The exposition of the exhibition consists of 25 works, the basis of which is the unique series “Warriors of Light” of 12 large canvases (2 by 3 meters). The series “Warriors of Light” tells about the historical revolutionary and military events experienced by the artist during his stay in Ukraine in 2013-2015. 

Warriors of light

This series has previously been exhibited in museums and galleries in Basel, The Hague, Cairo, New York, Texas and Miami, and now these works are being shown for the first time in Ukraine to support the country during the war.

Max Vityk: “When I was working on the Warriors of Light series, I thought about the people I saw in Kyiv during the revolution: open, friendly, recklessly brave, naive and pure, almost like children. Color plays an important role in the cycle – I wanted to transfer the explosive emotions experienced on the Maidan to the canvas, filling the space around us with the energy of color explosions. Now, after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, these works have acquired new meanings and even greater relevance for me. I understood that I had to show them here, at home – in Ukraine.”


The exhibition will be open from October 2 to 30. 

Photo: PR agency 

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