Look like a star: famous beauties told about their attitude to sports and diets

Look like a star: famous beauties told about their attitude to sports and diets - 1 - изображение

Who of them wakes up for a jog every day at four in the morning, who was inspired to change their own appearance on TV, who lost weight for the wedding, and who is trained by their own children – read in the material!

The famous joke “let’s see if summer is even worth losing weight for.”

definitely not the 2020 hot season! The weather welcomes the opportunity to show yourself in all your glory, without hiding in oversize things (however fashionable they may be). We asked female artists and TV presenters whose looks inspire them to work on themselves, what kind of physical activity they choose for themselves and whether they go on diets.


My relationship with sports resembles the extremes 🙂 If I have a break from work and no choreography – I give it my full attention! When there are concerts, it slowly “creeps” into the background. I choose cardio for myself. I don’t need a lot of strength training: by nature I have a fairly athletic build, so a few abs exercises and I’m good to go! I do not abuse diets, I have chosen for myself a scheme of nutrition, which is easy for me: a day – no more than 1000 kcal, all carbohydrates – in the morning. If I realize that I need to lose weight, I switch to a protein diet: meat, fish, seafood and salads to them.


From “physique” I chose to do Crossfit. I often work out at home; instead of “weights” I use… my own dog! my own dog! My beagle weighs about 17 pounds….. Haven’t missed boarding at ski resorts for twelve seasons in a row. I also love team sports, say volleyball. I was actively on a diet only once with my then future husband before the wedding. The results were, frankly, amazing: I lost six pounds, my Sasha – as much as thirteen! But we think all the magic wasn’t in the diet, it was in our persistence to reach our goal.

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My love of physical activity is no big secret. I have been professionally involved in equestrian sports for a long time. I just really need to be slim and toned to be confident in the saddle! So I dance a lot, work out with a trainer and at home on my own with his advice. My daughters attend a lot of sports, they enjoy teaching me what they have learned on their own. So often I am practicing under their “guidance”! 🙂 I don’t use diets, I tried a lot of things in my time, and the effect is not long lasting at all. I know that if you limit yourself, it can “blow the stopcock” at one point. Only proper nutrition that becomes a way of life will produce results! Lately, I’ve even been growing my own vegetables and fruits for the family table.

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Anna Rozumovska:

Daily, no matter what the circumstances, I’ve been running since four in the morning. My run lasts about three hours; I manage to run about 10km in that time! To feel comfortable with early rising and not doze off, I go to bed at 21:00. It is from this time onwards that the most important hormone melatonin, aka the hormone of beauty and youth, is secreted during sleep. I used to do fencing, boxing and yoga, now I left only the last one as a “companion” – and I don’t regret it at all! As far as nutrition goes, I try to eat intuitively. I have a negative experience with dieting… I know now that keeping my body in constant stress is not an effective method at all. The key is moderation in everything you eat!

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Katya Vandina:

Sport for me is the perfect way to look good and lift my mood. To keep myself in shape, a light jog and a half-hour workout for different body parts twice a week is enough for me. Eating my food is… strange 🙂 If I like a certain dish very much, I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I used to try to stick to diets…. Now I realize that I need to listen to my body and allow myself everything, just a little. I don’t consume sugary drinks at all and I don’t eat after six.

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Sports are an integral part of my life! Firstly, it is closely related to my profession, because I am not just a singer, but an authority on beauty and healthy lifestyle for many of my female fans, well, and of course, fans! (Laughs.) I am constantly in public, often participate in various shoots and projects, so I must always look my best and, of course, live up to the status of “The Most Athletic Singer of Ukraine”. Secondly, for me sport is a guarantee of health and good mood, which positively influence, first of all, my performance. All my concert program is full of dances, each song is also a choreographic number, and with excess weight and without minimal physical fitness to work an hour concert is impossible, and even sing live! I choose a variety of sports for myself, from basic daily jogging to pylon dancing. I love going to the gym, and I am a professional swimmer and tennis player.

With my nutritional priorities, it’s simple! I am not a supporter of diets and I believe that any diet sooner or later will have a negative impact on the body, because all the lost weight can come back, and even in larger sizes. So it is better to just harmonize and adjust your diet. I have completely eliminated sugar, yeast, dairy and baked goods that contain white flour from my diet. I really like porridge for breakfast and something liquid for lunch. For those who want to get in shape for summer, I suggest minimizing carbohydrates and including more protein in your diet in the form of eggs, fish and legumes, which is responsible for cell regeneration, muscle mass, appearance, strength of nails, hair and facial skin. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about smoothies, freshly made juices, fruits and greens! It is very important to add a regimen, good sleep and mood to proper nutrition!

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Masha Vinogradova:

I don’t like sports in the form of the gym. But physical activity is another matter altogether! I love playing sports, I love bicycling. And since this summer, I’ve become a wakesurf fanatic. Great summer activity! I do it for fun. Because I know that all it takes to get fit is proper nutrition and a good massage therapist 🙂 

I abused diets in high school and my freshman year of university, I’ll be honest. I’ve been on both a rice mono diet and a buckwheat mono diet. I’ve been on kefir and water. I lost weight, of course, but it was a temporary effect. And later in my life, a savvy nutritionist happened into my life and taught me how to eat simply and properly. So now I don’t believe in the word “diet”, I believe in lifestyle!

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Mila Yeremeeva:

I used to be a fan of starting a new life on Monday and… forget. Well, that’s okay, I’ll just stomp around a little overnight – and what good will that do? It’s in the past! I’ve decided that my body and body deserves awe and care. I love my trim shape, arms, not wieners. Slender legs that could win Tom Hardy over! I have three areas of training: training in the gym (thanks to my trainer Roman, who drives me like a goat!), stretching (thanks to my “twine wizard” Olga, I sat on the transverse for a month, learned how to properly do a vacuum and fell in love with running!) and electromyostimulation, where my body and muscles are activated! Everything combined is paying off. I can’t imagine myself any other way. And I think, how did I live without it?! No matter what field you work in, sport adds confidence and builds character! 

I treat diets calmly, but like every girl, there was a moment: I will sit a day on kefir, apples and buckwheat. All I did was eliminate flour and sweets. And I’m a fan of choking down a fresh loaf of bread and finding a candy bar randomly in my bag. Learned how to work with willpower and that’s it! Early rising starts with a glass of water and a “vacuum” – great wake up call ! I have a heavy breakfast and don’t eat at all in the evening. Food is no longer the goal of my life, but I can treat myself periodically in the morning without getting carried away!

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Olya Tsybulskaya:

Last winter, the producers of a television show suggested that I try on the image of Jennifer Lopez. Within the format. I’m crazy about Spanish culture, so I was really into it. I was thrilled with the process and thought it turned out gorgeous. About a month later, the show was on TV. I sat on the couch with my son and nibbled on his bagels. And when they announced me – a fat woman with strange movements appeared on the stage, which frankly annoyed me. No eyes could be seen behind the cheeks. And at the bottom of the screen, underneath this woman, there is a caption: “Olya Tsybulskaya”.

I realized that the person inside me now and the one on the screen are two different people. And I’m sickened by what I see.

I cried and called a nutritionist. Said something had to be done right away.

I lost 12 pounds in one month and two weeks. And ever since then, I’ve been really watching what I put in my mouth. I haven’t gone crazy on diets because they don’t work. Eating right, not eating after 19, unloading days and sports helps. It may sound boring, but it works. Each of us wants to take a magic pill – and immediately lose 20 pounds. But the phase of hard work on myself filled me with a special energy.

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