“I won’t do it anymore”: Alena Omargalieva dedicated a new song to girls

Alena Omargalieva

Recently, Ukrainian singer Alena Omargalieva performed the Ukrainian national anthem before the victory fight of legendary boxer Oleksandr Usyk at the Tarczynski Arena in Wroclaw for an audience of millions. And today, the artist presents a new song – the anthem of independent girls “I won’t be anymore”.

The main character of the track is going through a painful breakup with her lover, but this time she chooses herself and her happiness. 

“Every girl wants to feel loved and deserves only the best treatment. Always choose yourself, your happiness, your comfort. Get away from unhappy relationships, be the main characters in your life,” Alena Omargalieva commented on her new track.

The artist’s dance sound and bright vocals create a new anthem for strong and independent girls. The song “No More” calls for taking care of yourself and your own happiness, rather than wasting time on suffering. 

In the video for the song, the singer appears in three outfits that radiate confidence and independence. Each of the images symbolizes the ability of women to be different and always choose themselves, regardless of any life circumstances.

Photo: press service

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