Banknotes with Charles III issued in Britain

banknoteEngland has already begun designing the first banknotes depicting King Charles III. The Bank of England has already presented the first banknotes with the King’s image. This was reported by Euronews. The notes will gradually replace those depicting the monarch’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The front side of the polymer notes in denominations of 5, 10, 20 and 50 pounds will feature a portrait of Charles III.

“I am very proud that the bank is releasing the design of new banknotes that will feature the portrait of King Charles III. This is an important moment, as the King is the second monarch to be depicted on our banknotes. People will be able to use these new banknotes when they come into circulation in 2024,” said Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England.


Author: Daria Skotchenko 

Photo: pexels

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