Well-groomed nails: manicure ideas for spring 2023

spring manicure ideasThe long-awaited spring has already arrived, so it’s time to think about what design your nails will be for this time of year.

Woman Magazine has collected manicure ideas that you will love. 

For short nails 

The most successful spring manicure for short nails is oval and soft square. All you have to do is come up with an interesting coating – and the well-groomed pens are ready to shine in the rays of the spring sun.


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Manicure for almond and oval shape

French manicure with contrasting colors on oval and almond nails looks bright and sunny in spring. Use pastel and rich colors, add minimalist drawings in the form of daisies, ladybugs, suns, rainbows, clouds.


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Manicure ideas: For square nails

The perfect spring manicure for short and narrow nails by nature, as well as a classic solution for a modest design, is a French manicure. 


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Matcha – the color of spring in manicure 2023

Cover the background with a matte top, draw delicate lilies of the valley or openwork patterns in the style of sugar glaze on a gingerbread man with white gel, and you’re guaranteed an elegant design.


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Manicure ideas: Classic red

Red always remains fashionable. Such a bright and sexy color will always look great on any nail shape.


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Lavender color

The very color of lavender is the face of spring. It will give your nails freshness and tenderness. You can simply cover your nails with this color or add patterns or flowers. Everything is to your taste.


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Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: pexels

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